Montgomery To Rommel (In France)

Here we are again!
How lovely

How utterly lovely.

And not one American nor bloody German makes
A damned bit of difference

Here were
And when this ends, as end
It must, what of you?

Have you enjoyed this?

And if El Alamein
Makes any career, what choices does one have?
Let the chips fall where
They mat and how lovely!

Here we are again.

Once in the Desert I told
Everyone what a nuisance you were
And now is it
The same?

No---now it is
Ending. Every American or German can
See that. All
Wars must End and so this one
Must as in a Tank as always
Tell me it is you

I will end this, make no mistake about it,
I will show every bloody Berliner who still
Believes in the impossibilities of

It is only lucky for me
That it is you again. France rolls underneath
Myself and you.

Ah, as lovely as you are in my own sort of way,
You roll on in Front.
You and I---
Like in the Beginning"

~ Bernard Law Montgomery ~