Rommel To Montgomery (In France)

"I am so tired---
Oh Lord, I cannot even
Lie myself down without
My head breaking in

I am so disgusted
Every time I see even the
Plants killed and crushed
Underneath my Panzer-treads
I am sick.
It all makes me so horribly ill.

When we faced off in El Alamein,
I saw that Glory is
Nothing but blazing Sand.

When I touch my face,
I am
Someone Else.

I in an odd way miss our Africa
Days. When it was infinitely Simpler to wage war. When it matter so much more, in its cruel appeal. All my Panzers
Killed then
Was Sand.

Something will
Happen soon. And I will not be
Around to see it. Go on---march to Berlin and I will
Not be around to see it. When you
Pushed me out of the Desert
And when that
Sickly wolf at Home
Bared his filed teeth
To save Someone.

Lord---it was me.

How could I? How could I not have known!

Oh God,
What can I do? You almost know me.
We have never met, face-to-face and
It has been you, Patton, and myself,
In the end, you two may

If I see another Morning
Than I shall be horribly

I can no longer See.
Perhaps I am still
Blinded by the
Egyptian Sun."

~ Erwin Rommel ~