You can only do wrong things
Only bad things happen around you
Never mind what they say, they lie
You don't even know the extent of your own mind
Trust no one; not even yourself
You should die and they would quickly see
They were better off without you
Tears are only a sign of weakness
The blood only makes them weep and worry
Nothing you can do can make things better
Nothing you do can heal you
No one can solve your problems
You shouldn't feel like this
There are some with worse problems than you
They face them they deal
You lie cold and shivering on the floor
Wallowing in self pity
I hope someone beats you into the ground with a bat
You deserve to be raped
Anything to make the pain increase
You deserve this pain you worthless bitch
Suffer suffer
But don't die a martyer
Bitches like you don't deserve a glorified death
Just a painful one
Don't pick up the phone
They'll laugh at you
Swear at you
Don't look at someone in the hall
They'll call you names and kick you
Spit on you
Turn you into them
But isn't them better than you?
Anything is better than me I'm the scum of the Earth
Don't e-mail them
They'll reply damning you to hell
Don't speak your words drive like nails into the hands
Of those you want to help
You help is like poisoned mead
Not mead- sour wine
There is noting sweet or good or innocent about you
Fuck you why can't you just die?
You're a coward
A traitor
A vile thing to be crushed
You want to have hope but you tell yourself
You don't deserve it
You don't deserve half of what you have
Not a fourth
You deserve to be tarred and feathered
Rolled in blood and fed to the dogs
Guilt anger hate greif fear doubt
Take them all like pills
Little pills you should have
But no one belives you because you speak lies
To hide the truth even you don't want to belive
That you are worthless and should die
You'd at least do some good that way
Unless my poison secretions ooze
Into my mother earth and kill her slowly
This human hands- with my soul
Can do nothing but hate
If I die I'll only go on
Bad hand of cards
I can't ever escape who I am or the pain
I can't escape and I want to
But I deserve this
Conflicting messages in my head
There is nothing to save you
Nothing will save you
You are eternal and everlasting
What if the pain is too?




no words express
what i feel
against myself

no laws can condem
what i have done in my short life
that is to grow only longer