1 The Key

The sun shown down upon a strange land filled with beauty and wonder. The rivers were of the deepest clear blue like the eyes of a newborn baby so healthy and full of live. The forests were lush and green, and teamed with species of animals rare and wonderful. The people of Drakar were of many sizes and species. Magical forces flowed in everything and the land thrived like it never had before.

For nearly three centuries there had been peace and prosperity in Drakar, but many knew that it was coming to an end soon. Places in Drakar that were once rich and fertile, was now darkening and becoming desolate.

Many knights and heroes had searched for the source of the problem, but none had found it, and none had returned from their quest.

As the land grew more and more perverted with each passing day it became clear to the Druid leaders of the land that something must be done to save the land they served and were a part of. They met with the different magic guilds in the lands to discuss what should be done about this problem, and how to preserve the future of Drakar.

In an effort to save the world of Drakar the magic guilds pooled their powers and created two items that could possibly prevent the total destruction of their world and the people who inhabited it. The first of the two items created was a small gold key with a single hematite stone in the hilt end of it. The purpose of this key is to allow the possessor to travel to the world of Drakar from whatever world they are on. The second item created was a beautifully crafted rapier. Runes and symbols of a strange language were engraved upon the blade. The purpose of this sword was unknown, and the reason for its creation was sure to come out in future.

With the combined power of the Druids and magic guilds of Drakar, the key and sword were placed in a magical box and used their magic to send it through a dimensional portal in hopes that a hero worthy of wielding it would find it in time and come to Drakar’s aid before it was to late.

The Druids and others powerful people of Drakar having done all that they could had no option left except to wait and pray to the Gods and Goddesses above that someone would come along and save the people of Drakar.