The day was bright and things seemed to be going good for Silvantina, other than the usual things such as being unpopular and considered a major geek. Silvantina was 16 about 5’3, with silky blond hair that shown like the sun. Here eyes were a deep rich brown, and her personality sweet and caring. She always felt like an outsider, and daydreamed constantly about being able to escape from the way things were.

Most of the students on campus except for the new ones and her select group of friends knew who Silvantina was and stayed out of her way. It seems that they feared the powers, which Silvantina could command. From a very young age she learned that she had the power to make incredible things happen without much more than a thought.

The students knew this and feared her because of what she could do if she were made angry

School ended at the usual time and Silvantina grabbed her backpack and Headed towards the woods that she went through in order to get home from school each day. The woods were Silvantina’s favorite place, as it was in these woods that life and nature seemed the most powerful to her. There was a stream that ran through babbling softly, and birds fluttered and chirped around. It was also in these woods on the path home that Silvantina would find something that would change her life forever.

Walking along a familiar path Silvantina was lost in thoughts until she tripped over this strange box in the path. Picking herself up and looking at the box Silvantina could tell that by the intricate designs that this box held something unique. Picking up the box, which was sort of heavy, Silvantina wandered deeper into the woods following a mental path that would lead to her most secret and special place.

Finally after wandering for a while twisting and turning so many times that if anyone was following her they were long ago lost. The grove to which Silvantina had long ago found was the most absolutely beautiful place she had ever found. There was a beautiful waterfall with a cave underneath it, and there were trees of every sort around the grove. Trees, which should not be able to grow in any area of for that matter together, were flourishing extremely well.

Silvantina though no one knew it was actually a very powerful magic user, and had chosen this grove because it was a very ancient place of power. There are many places of power in town known to Silvantina, but none of them are as powerful or as ancient as the one in which Silvantina performed her rituals, and came to hang out.

Setting down the heavy box, which she had been carrying, Silvantina drank from the cool waters of the stream, which flowed through her grove and she was refreshed. After resting for a bit, she looked at the intricately carved box, which she had carried here. The carvings were unlike anything she had ever encountered and she was sure that they had to be very ancient or at least of a language that was hard to decipher.

Getting up she carried the box into the cave under the falls and set it on a stool she had there. Going to her bookshelf she studied it for a moment before grabbing the volume she was looking for. Going over to the box she opened the book and searched for a moment before finding the spell that she was looking for. Taking the time to focus and clear her mind after preparing the candles and ingredients for the spell Silvantina was ready.

Lighting the candles and sprinkling the correct powders over the box as she spoke the words of the spell.

“Guardians of Knowledge and power of old,

I ask that you grant me some wisdom within your hold.

If it is right allow me to decipher these words. From you I ask only this task, so if you see fit please do as I ask.â€