Normally… This is me.

By C Jazz

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I woke up to Laker's alarm. It was 7:30am exactly. I got up and looked around.

"Hey, Man." Laker said groggily. "You got first shower remember?" We had worked out a schedule the night before. I got this shower. Laker would take the shower after me and Tyler would get up at 7:15am to take his. He was already out of our room. I assumed he went into the living room so not to disturb us.

"Yeah, Dude." I said. Laker and I were getting used to calling each other "Dude" or "Man". This was extensively irritating to Alex. It was actually kind of fun.

I got up, grabbed my towels and proceeded to the bathroom. When I got in there I looked at the fogged up mirror. But it wasn't completely fogged. There was a message written on it:

"The day is new. Have a new beginning with your coffee."

I found this extremely odd. Why would Tyler leave a message on the mirror for me? It was kind of freaking me out. I took my shower and wiped off the mirror. Then I told Laker to shower. I got dressed and was busy tying my shoes when Tyler came back into our room.

"Morning, Triston." He said.

"Morning, Tyler." I responded. "Hey, Ty, you didn't possibly leave a message for me on the mirror this morning did you?"

"No, why?" he asked. He looked as puzzled as I was. I finished tying my shoes and stood up.

"Well, when I went in there this morning there was this message on the mirror reading: The day is new. Have a new beginning with your coffee." I explained.

"Well I didn't leave… wait a second. I let Marie in there after I was done because she said they needed toilet paper. Maybe she did it!" he said. He looked rather pleased with himself.

"Why would she do that?" I asked.

"Well, maybe she likes you!" Tyler was on a roll.

"Yeah, when she doesn't even know me." I said as I was making my bed.

"Well, it is a possibility." He said. "She has never dated a Highland boy. Actually, to tell you the truth, she has never dated anyone before." He seemed amazed to realize this.

"Wow, we have something in common." I said, unhappily.

"Who has something in common with you?" Laker said, walking in wearing his towel.

"Marie," I said, "Tyler thinks she likes me." I said. I was kind of upset to be in this conversation when I didn't really even know guys I was talking to or the girl I was talking about.

"And how is that something you have in common with her?" Laker asked.

"She left a message for him on the mirror." Tyler said, a gossipy tone to his voice. He still seemed overjoyed with his deduction.

"We don't know that for sure." I said.

"Well, still, what does that have to do with her having something in common with Triston?" Laker asked again. He was just finishing getting dressed. This guy must have mastered waiting until the last minute to get dressed.

"Neither of us has dated anyone before." I said, opening the door out into the living room. Man, this was starting to get a little crazy; people already talking about someone having a crush on me when I have only been here for a day. Wow.

I was sitting on the comfy couch, looking through my backpack (actually a shoulder bag) when Marie came out of her room.

"Hey, Triston," She said, sitting down on the comfy couch with me, "what are you doing?"

"Just looking through my bag." I said. She smiled at me.

"Anything interesting in there?" she asked, looking over my shoulder into my bag.

"Well, not really; just a notebook and a couple of really old homework assignments. I wasn't…I'm not… such a good student. I just don't do to well in school. I think I just don't retain information too well. Or, I need to do more of my homework." I admitted. I normally don't talk about my failing school.

"Yeah, homework could help your grades a little." She said jokingly. She smiled back at me again. I wondered why she was so happy and where everyone else was. I wasn't quite happy to have an opportunity to test Tyler's hypothesis.

"Marie, did you leave a, message on the mirror for me this morning?" I asked.

"Who told you that?" she said, looking down at the floor.

"Marie, Did you? I really would like to know." I said, persistent to get an answer out of her. If she hadn't, she would be looking me in the eye.

"Yeah, I did." She said, scotching away from me on the comfy couch.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed. It was not like you wrote that you hated me or something." I said.

"You actually read it? Did you understand it?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think so. I really think that it inspired…" The guys coming out of our room cut me off. I quickly went back to looking through my bag. The guys didn't even look suspicious. The girls soon evacuated their room and we set off for the dinning hall. Life here was a little weird. People acting like they shouldn't express their feelings and be ashamed to do so. Man, I already am feeling uncomfortable, just not in the way I had expected.

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