Sting of this knowledge,
Always the same,
Wanting to cry
Out loud in pain.

Watch my eyes
Fill up with tears;
Know my hopes,
Know my fears.
Ask me if I
Feel all right
Go on--ask,
I won't bite.

I know you're the only
One who can see
The aching deep
Inside of me,
For your eyes
Show such concern...
I need you to wonder,
I need you to learn!

That look in your eye,
What's it about?
Is that you trying
To figure me out?--
Why I'm so happy
'Round people I know,
But when only you see me
I let it all go,
My eyes overflow?
Why I never let it show?
There's only one way you'll ever know...

Author's Notes: This started out (see lines 1-4) as a way to vent out some emotions...then it evolved into a sort of call to a certain person. It's the same person that I was talking about in my earlier poem "Check". I started this in first period, did actual math in 2nd period algebra, worked on it all through English (3rd, I never pay much attention then), and then finally finished it in 4th (accounting). That'll give you some idea of the regular course of writing throughout my day. After 4th period I'm too asleep to write, generally speaking. ^_^ Anyway, I'm impressed you're still listening to me ramble!
At any rate...I guess the writer's block is going away now, and I hope you've enjoyed this piece, even if the end didn't round out as well as I'd hoped. I'm thinking of writing a second part to this poem, since so many things run through my head on the subject.
Date of Composition: April 24, 2002