To The Dictators

I have always
Appreciated the Dictators in
Themselves. Not what they have done
Nor what they
Amounted to, really, but what
They were. It takes so much
Courage and
Intelligence and
Dedication to rise up from
Something akin to
Rough-shodden Nothing and amass
A countryfull of
Power. Almost, in a way
Poetic but not Irony. The simple Poetry. No.
I have always
Considered poetry to be Some
Kind of Power within itself and
As to be respected for that:
Well---why not?
In what they did. No. how
Could anyone really is the Question
But that Someone
Could is the
Odd as it is.
Like that we all could, and
I have always appreciated
Anyone with the Capacity
For Power.
Whether Poet wandering
Second Avenue in New York City
Or some man, screaming
The blatant Truth to
What he has come, then, to