The Ocean County Library From Across The Street

Is reflected
In the Library
Window and
Discern itself
From the
Sky or the two
Flags that
Foretell the height
Of wind or breeze
And in there
You may be
Among the
Shadows not reflected
And I believe once
I offended
Some German Men
By showing
Interest in the way
They spoke by
I was:
And among it
You how like
Yeats I return to
Comfortable Things
But the
Perception of Yeats
Is quite
Different from the
Myriad ways
Of Sky and Books
Reflected in Some
Not broken: not
Here nor anything
Like that the
Traffic sounds like
Hurt Hawks
And where are
You Robinson
Jeffers? With
Frank O'Hara
It is my turn to
Speak and as
The clouds
Change the Library
Windows is
Kind of
Opaque and I am
Still trying to decide
If that changed
What I was
About to say.
What was I?