This is one of the stories that I made up. It’s one of the characters story from the second series story he’s from Yolanda Warriors part 2. If you’re confused read it a second time if you’re still confused just remember he’s from a different time and place that never existed.

The Dark knight emerged from the water. He threw his head back letting his long brown hair hit his shoulders. He swam back from the crystal clear lake to the land. He fell backward into the cool green moss and looked up at the starry night sky. There was a full moon high into the sky, he hated the full moon for many reasons. Watching the night sky bored him, it didn’t use to but now it just seemed empty. He sighed and closed his light blue eyes and decided to take a small nap because it was so peaceful, in his heart he knew it would not stay peaceful for long.

Me: huh? Oh you’re confused already I knew you would be. What’s with this Dark knight guy anyway? Ok, ok then I’ll start from the beginning.

Back in a kingdom (far away from where we are now) where the knights were popular there was the Kingdom of Conairia. Conairia was famous for there knights, laser swords, and pretty girls. This part of the story takes place back WAY back when the Dark knight was just a little boy. The sun is shining the birds are chirping and our little friend is lying on a grassy hill. Bit! Bit! Hay wake up! Bit opened his eyes to see two bright green eyes staring into his. Starteled he jumped to his feet Oh Light Foot you’re here I thought you were going to come by later so I…Light Foot interrupted him you what decided to take a nap? Bit couldn’t help but blush he was always shy when it came to girls. Even though Light Foot was his best friend. Light Foot was really no different than any other girl in the kingdom. She had bright green eyes and hair the color of gold in two long pigtails. She wore a green dress witch matched the color of her eyes and a green broach holding on a yellow cape. She gave him a playful nogey on his short brown hair and started to run to their tree fort. Eventually Bit caught up and bet her to it. He knocked on the tree trunk twice and then he heard from the top of the fort, “ what’s the passwordâ€