It's not apathy; we're just oblivious
By: ShinigamiForever

I tell you this now
you deserve at least this much from me
and so much more from her
and the other her too, the one you think of,
but not in the poetic love kind of way.

If it wasn't for that one twist of fate,
I would have never know you at all
and I wouldn't be
this constant buzzer alarm on your bedstand
telling you what reality is.

We don't know each other too well,
but got thrown into each other
it's not like either one of us can change anything, so-
might as well make the best of it.

We're not enemies.
Not particularily.

A lot of the time,
we do things
we know we'll regret later
and we've never really apologized.
The "I'm sorry" is irrelevant to any conversation we may have
And none of us would mean it either.

You just sometimes act like
I'm another part of the scenery
because that's the way I act with you.
There are times when you follow me like a shadow
I take you for granted.
Even if I'm not proud of it.
I do it anyway.
But only some of the time.
It's only fair.

You deserve more from either one of them
just as you think I should get more.
One of these days,
you'll get what you want
and I'll get what I deserve.
We'll suddenly realize
that we're not by each other.


We make the biggest impact on each other's worlds
when we are apart.

A/N: Yet again, not a love poem. Dedicated to a boy who is tangled up in a Midsummer Night's Dream-esque real soap drama. A type of apology for him. Reviews please?