Uh, well the first line I totally ripped off from BTVS. I haven’t watched for forever, but I remember that line. lol. So, I don’t own it and now I feel cheap using it. Oh well, credit where credit’s due. Anyway, it’s about someone I love to hate, being embarrassed, being in love, loathing love, and sometimes all at the same time. A complicated relationship. Just R&R. lol. If I shut up will you review???? Pwease? 0:-)

humiliation isn’t good for my color

yet somehow you always

manage to make me feel this way

blush crawls up my neck

until sudden explosion

reddening of body, mind, soul

and red love turns to consuming hatred

raping cupid break

the lover’s hearts

seeing red

bulls charging to

use prongs to

poke out the apple of my eye

snapping Aphrodite’s neck

with my pessimistic



while stabbing you in the

heart so you can sympathize

yet you still don’t

throw barbs bombs banter

and it never slices through

the skin

seems to register

to either of us how

much I like you and

how bad you are for me.