By Arwen Evenstar a.k.a. Bob


Note: I was looking at the first LotR book when I was writing this. It has Frodo on the cover. HEE HEE HEE!!!!


Ooh… lookit! Frodo's got a Ring! Ooh… PURDY! WHEEEEEEEEE! DUDE! It's the creepy lady who can turn spiffy colors! Wheeeeeeee! SPIFFY! SPIFFY! SPIFFY!

There are purple dots on the ceiling. I DIDN'T DO IT! Would you like some cheese, Gandalf? LOOKIT! Frodo's got a sword! Isso shiny… I like shiny things… purdy… Ooh… Frodo's like, "Wow, dude, I got a nice spiffy shiny sword!"

Dude, that is mad cool! There's a fire hydrant on my worksheet. Now it's a wet fire hydrant. I wish I had some food. I know we just had lunch, but my lipgloss tastes like cotton candy. I think Orlando Bloom is hot. Did you know that 2+2=12? Matt says Elijah Wood's head is abnormally large. Well, I think that Ritz crackers are tasty.

Sammi has gum. Sammi isn't supposed to have gum is school. *gasp* BAD SAMMI! *whack* Naughty, naughty, you'll get caughty! *shakes finger @ Sammi* Oops, wasn't I supposed to be listening to Mrs. Van Dine?

Kati stole my pencil case! Bad Kati! *whack* Bad Kati! You thief, you stealer! Oops, sorry! I forgot you're not a Steeler! You're all for the Patriots! Tee hee hee! *blink blink* Do you know the muffin man?

Galadriel scares me. Sammi scares me. So do Kara, Liz, Cara, Brittney, Paul, Conor, Paul, and JJ. Sara and Sarah don't scare me. Sarah's a blond! HEE HEE HEE! Sara has a pet purple duck! WHEEE!

Mr. Conant is yelling at the seventh grade. I'm talking to Tom. Tom is the demon who likes pie. I have a guinea pig. I like snakes. Yellow is a purdy color! JJ loves Trevor! Arwen loves Aragorn.

Hi Kati! *wonders why she is writing Hi instead of saying it.* HOBBIT FEET SCARE ME! *blink* DUDE! Sam, Kati loooooves you! *smack* OW! Kati hit me. I think Harvey is a Homicidal Hamster. I have a cut on my ankle that is bleeding and Harry Potter is magicking it back to normalness.

My pencil case is green! I just sneezed. I'm bored! English used to be fun. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END!? Frodo is on the cover of my LotR book. He's holding the Ring which is looking all purdy and crap. I like cheese. Waffles are…waffle-y… DUDE! The Ring is spiffy! SPIFFY! SPIFFY! SPIFFY!

Bob the Water Buffalo is eating my toes. Gandalf had a shiny staff. I have three toes. BAD BOB THE WATER BUFFALO! *smack* Moo Juice is tasty. Kati has a red pen! It is red! The purple dots on the ceiling are purple. Bob the Water Buffalo is talking to the orange moose on the ceiling.

Jesus is hanging on a cross which is hanging on the wall which is in the front of the classroom. Cheese. That must hurt. Moose. MOOSES SCARE ME TERRIBLY! I like chocolate cake. Penguins are cool and spiffy!



Arwen: hee hee hee… Well, I finally managed not to be completely bored in English class. Though now I have nowhere to write when I get very bored…which happens about every day…O.o Please review!