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You take a look at her, and you wonder what she's thinking;

It matters what situation it is, really,

But when I look at her, I see something different than what you might.

I see this beautiful flower that refuses to bud,

I see this door that refuses to open,

A door that doesn't want anyone to go in and explore,

A door that doesn't want anything anymore

I see a girl that denies everything around her –

Including me.

She denies friends and family, love and hate;

She denies power, greed, emotion;

She denies my life and my existence.

It hurts to know that all of this is my fault.

Especially now that she knows of what happened between us;

I regret everything now.

Well, almost everything.

All I know is that I still love her,

And I need her in my life,

Even if she doesn't know it.

She is everything I ever wanted.

I want to hold her, to touch her,

And yet she is out of my reach.

I want her to love me like I love her,

And yet, at the same time, I hate her.

She feels the same way about me;

We were always known as enemies;

But I think both of us always knew,

That it was all just an act.

She denies her love for me,

I deny my hate for her;

We disagree on every argument.

And what she just told me made my heart shatter

"If pride is all you have left,

Then I don't want it."

There. I quote her words.

It is strange to think that it makes sense now.

Her words are the opposite of what she thinks,

I saw her hesitate to answer me.

Now I think I know the truth about our love:

She doesn't love me back.