Stareing into the eyes of a stranger
Their face is mine
But I do not know that person
I do not know that oath-breaker
Freind stabber
Lie speaker
Things used to feel simple
Something twisted on the rails
Now I sit with saftey pin in hand
Poised like a cobra ready to strike
Then bleed
Scrape scrape flecks of flesh
Pulled away fly off
Minut blood turns into a smear
Hardens like my resolve
How long until this comes again?
3 days, one day, two hours, five seconds?
The sickest part is the laughter
Welling from my lips like a deathcry
Not a girlish giggle
Nor a gloating chuckle
Twisted laughter, the dark shadow of joy
A fountain of God knows what
Strike "Him" down make "Him" weep
As I wipe the stain away
Roll down my sleeves, my jeans
And pray
In someting, for something
I never belived in
So it begins again
And not even love will end
My crimes