This is my story. I made up the characters, but not the
setting. Gastonia, N.C. is where this is set. Forestview High School
is a real school, but not really like the way I portray it. This is
my first story ever. It is m/m slash so if you do not like that
kind of thing go away. Oh yeah if you read my bio you would know
that I like flames.
A bit of information you might want: there are only four
periods in a school day at Forestview. It's not really important
but I thought you might want to know. This story is unbeta-ed.
I don't have a beta. If anyone wants to volunteer just write
me and ask.

And now the story.

It Does Happen


My alarm clock woke me gently from my sleep.

"Ah, Goddammit"

Okay, not too gently. I'm not really a morning person. I hate

"S'bout time you woke up" said a familiar voice by my bed.

"Do you usually watch people sleep?" I ask my best friend, Sam.

"No, but you just look so cute with drool all over your face" Sam
replies, smiling.

I automatically raise a hand to wipe my face. When I find no drool I
look up to see him smirking at me.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask annoyed at his joke and smirk.

"That's not very nice," he answers.

"I don't care. What. Are. You. Doing. Here?"

"Geez, I'm not deaf. I heard you the first time." he mock-pouts.

"Just answer the damn question." I reply irritated.

"It's the first day of school and you're my ride, remember." he
answers amused.

"Ah, Goddammit"

"You said that already," he replies still amused. I can't stand
him sometimes, but I can't kill him because I'd have to move the body on
my own. Besides, I love him like a brother. So, instead I scowl at him.

Of course that doesn't work. He just smiles happily at me.

"Who let you in?" I'm gonna kill'em whoever it was.

"Your mom"

Damn can't kill her either.

"Get out so I can get ready," I say, resigned to another year in

He's whistling as he leaves my room. I hate morning people.

I reluctantly climb out of bed to get ready. I hate school. The
only reason I haven't dropped out yet is so I can go to art school and get
a degree in animation. I want to write and draw my own adult cartoon. Anyway,
I hate school. I know, I know I all ready said that, but it bears repeating.
It's not that I'm unpopular or anyhting. I've got Sam and his girlfriend Lila
and a few other friends. I hate school because it's boring and it feels
pointless and I'm sick and tired of feeling inadequate everytime I get a bad
grade even though I try. And Goddammit I'm a horny teenager with nowhere to
stick my... Okay I'll stop there. The point is school sucks for me. It just
ain't my thing.

Finally ready for school I head for the kitchen where I know I'll find
Sam. Sure enough there he is at the kitchen table with my parents. He looks up
as I walk in and smiles and I know he's going to say something I won't like.

"You just look so *cute* this morning, Jackie." he exclaims.

Yep. I was right. I hate being called Jackie. Don't much like
'cute' either. So I tell him.

"Don't call me Jackie and don't call me cute. I hate that." I snap.

"You hate everything, Jaxon" my mother says. I don't like being called
Jaxon either. I like being called Jack. She knows that.

"I don't hate everything," I respond,"Just most things.

I hear my father chuckle, but I don't know if it was what I said
or something he read in his newspaper. So I ignore him and get my breakfast.

"What are your classes this year, Jack?" my father asks as he puts
his paper down and looks at me expectantly.

"I won't know until I get to homeroom," I tell him "but I'm hoping
I'll get an art class."

"Well good luck then, and have a good day at school" he says as he
gets up "Janet, we have to go or we'll be late."

"All right, hun." Mom responds "Be good Jack and have a fun day at
school. You too, Sam."

"I will Mrs. Samms and don't worry I'll take care of Jackie." Sam
says brightly.

"Don't call me Jackie."




Ah, yes. My very own verbal alarm clock. Mother.


"I'm awake." I mumble from beneath my blanket.

"Well, get up and get ready for school" she says from my doorway
"It's your first day. You don't want to be late."

"Yes Mother" I say as I crawl out of bed.

"Breakfast is waiting," that said she leaves.

My first day in a new school. Again. I've had a lot of first days
in new schools. I'm an Army brat. My father is a captain and has to move
around a lot taking me and my family with him. That won't be happening now
that my mother and father are divorced. I'm not complaining though, my
father was a jerk. He was your stereotypical military man. Treated me and
my brother and sister like cadets. He taught us hoe to clean a gun, hand-to-
hand combat, and strategy, but not once did he ever say 'I love you' or show
any kind of affection toward us. Pissed me off. I was too timid to do anything
about it though. My mother's not much better. She never tryed to stop my father
or show that she cared that he was trying to raise the perfect soldier.

I was pretty lonely growing up. My brother and sister were too busy
trying to avoid my father to notice me. I didn't make friends because it was
pointless. I was going to move away from them anyway. So, I had school. A
place to go and be good at something and get away from my family at the same
time. I like school, it's my salvation. It's not as great as it used to be
though. I'm a geek so I get picked on a lot, but that doesn't bother me
because what the hell do they know about me?

Now that my parents are divorced, and my brother and sister are in
college it's just me and Mother.

"Evan White!"

I hate it. I'm so lonely.



"Ahh, Forestview High School. Home of the Jaguars." Sam says from the
passenger seat.

"Hell." I respond darkly.

Sam laughs. "Don't be like that, man. We're seniors now, we're supposed
to set an example for the underclassmen."

"Do you see any underclassmen in here?" I ask irritably.

"No, but I see my woman walking this way. I'll see you inside man," he
says as he begins to get out of my car.


"Damn straight"

He gets out and immediately walks toward Lila. When he reaches her he
begins they begin to kiss enthusiastically.

Sam and Lila are the only inter-racial couple in school, making them
somewhat out cast. They don't care though. They've been going out since 9th
grade. They're so in love it's sickening. They've had some trouble with bigots,
but they've got through it together. Sam, being black and the guy, got most of
it. The bigots learned not to mess with Sam or Lila after dealing with us.
They're accepted or ignored now.

"Get a room!" I yell as I approach them.

"Hi Jack," Lila says as she comes up for air.

"You should be a dentist, Sam" I say.


"I've never seen a person's teeth so white"

Lila starts laughing as Sam smiles proudly.

"You're weird Jack, but funny," Lila says smiling.

"Charming, too" I say cheerfully.

They both start laughing.

"Hey!" I say indignantly. They just laugh harder and walk off.

"Some friends they are."



As I pull into the school parking lot I can't help but wonder if
this year will be different from any other. Will being a senior get
me anymore respct?

"Probaby not."

Pulling into a parking space I stop my car and just sit back
watching all the people go by. Some are laughing, some yalling. They
all look pretty content despite what day it is.

I finally decide to get out of the car and go into yhe building
before I fall asleep or something.

As I'm getting out I notice this guy talking to... whoever. I
don't know who he's talking to and I don't care. All I can see is
this guy. He's about 6', black clothes, black hair, angular features
I'm not sure from the distance I'm at, but I think he has green eyes.
Beautiful green eyes. He's beautiful.

What the hell is wrong with me?!? My heart is beating fast, my
palms are sweating, and I can't seem to control my breathing. I don't
even know who this guy is.

I finally blink and the feeling is gone. What was that? Who is that?
It's not like he's some beautiful woman or something. I probably just had
some sort of dizzy spell and that guy was in my line of sight. Yeah, that's

There;s a little voice in my head that seems to be taking pleasure in
singing 'You're lying'.

I ignore it.



I was walking with Sam and Lila when I saw him.

He was kinda geeky looking with his glasses and his nerdy clothes, but
beneath the glasses his face is captivating. As we walk by I lock eyes with
him. His eyes are as captivating as his face, they just reel me in. They're
the color of a stormy sky and just as endless. He is an artist's inspiration.


My head snaps around at the annoyed voice.

"What?" I ask slightly dazed.

"What is your problem, man?" Sam asks.

"Uhm, n-nothing," I say "nothing at all"

"Whatever, man" he replies "what were you staring at?"

"Probably some hot girl." Lila comments.

"Can we go inside please" I say before they ask who.

"Hey man, you're the one laggin' behind starin' at some girl's ass"
Sam points out.

"Well I'm done now, so we can go." I say, irritated.

"Oh calm down Jack," Lila says exasperated, "he was only pointing out
the truth so you don't have to get snappy."

"Yes I do." I say, then puff out my chest, "It's all part of my
aggressive image."

"Ahh, Jackie, we know you're as harmless as a new born kitten." Sam says
condescendingly, then proceeds to walk off once again.

"Hey!" I yell at his back, "My name is Jack. Not Jackie!"

"Yeah, yeah." I hear him yell back before he disappears through the doors.

Out of the corner of my eye I see the guy that had caught my appraisal
before. He's walking past me, and, unbidden, my eyes wander over his body.

Holy shit! I'm checking out a *guy*!

I quickly avert my eyes and hurry past him.




His name is Jack. And he does have green eyes. Not that I care of course.
I'm not the least bit interested.

'You're lying'


Great. Now I'm talking back to the singing voice in my head. What next? A
padded room?

As Jack hurries past me I can't help but think he has a nice ass.

Bad Evan! You didn't mean that.

'You're lying'



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