Poems For "Barry"—The Third Set

You are not this gold-wash
Like Roosevelt reinstated
Something. You may know what. What
I mean, that is.
You do not know, because
You are
Not of it. Erich is (What a
Fool I am!) and Jason is
(because Time has Permitted),
but as to you: it was
raining while I tripped up
The stairs and it
Might as well have been
Snowing. Like Erich. There you were
And I can assume Your
Name is not
Walking outside with the
Exuberant puppy I thought
Of you and how once I
Laughed you laughed at that
Other man whom I might
Have Loved except for

I am thinking:
Rome. Well, actually
I was thinking New Orleans
Until I changed my
Mind and you sought
Something in the
Library when I sought
Something much different
Or the same.
When I said "I love this
Man" and it amounts
To the Same. I assumed
If you were a child it
Would mean much less and
I have to wait and
Order a book of Rilke's
(I can forego eating a week!)
so I will be able
to affirm what everyone
else has been saying.
When I say,
Or what you intimate is
Perfectly fine: all right
Rome, darling, and if
He is there…
Well, I shall simply
Make due.