Hoping for something different
By Stephen Smith
Apr. 27, 2002

Every time I look at you,
All I see is broken lies,
I don't know what to believe,
It hasn't worked up to now.
Whenever I see something I want,
Whenever something happens I like,
It ends up just being a lie,
What is up with that?
It happens without break,
It's as predictable as the sun,
Every time it will be the same,
Why do I force myself to believe?
It crushes me every time,
You would have thought I would learn,
I guess I'm just too naïve,
When will I ever learn?
Every time it happens,
It hurts me all the same,
I keep on running into a wire fence,
What is it that is so blinding that I cannot seem to learn?
I guess it doesn't affect me,
It's happened so many times,
I'll just silently sulk for a day,
And then I'll just go and do it again.
I don't know what drives me,
What this unshakable faith may be,
Who would have thought you could cause me to hurt myself,
Every single time?
I guess I'm just hoping,
Hoping for some luck,
Maybe next time it'll be different,
But it'll probably be just the same.