Wiccan and Proud of it.

People say that you should be proud of what you are

And I am proud of myself

My belief is my internal scar

Though I’m not afraid to let it shine out

I’m not gonna hide what’s on my mind

My love for the God and Goddess

I’m not the only one of my kind

This ain’t no teenage faze

The magick that I do

This isn’t devil worship

I’ll prove it to you

Because I find strength in the magick

This ain’t no game

It’s not a joke

This might seem so lame

But I’m proud of it

Don’t look at me with icy glares

Don’t back away with fear

You look at me with those cold stares

And call me names behind my back

You call me a witch

Yes, that’s what I am

But I’m not a bitch

You don’t know me

With every candle that I light

With every herb I pick

My magick grows with might

Every spell I say will make a difference

This is how I express my feelings

So don’t you dare say it’s wrong

I can do great healings

So this is right if I’m not doing any harm

I’m not a miracle maker

No, not an angel either

Not a fraud or a faker

Just a girl with a belief

I go back the Wiccan rede

I fulfil each statement

The goddess’s wisdom I heed

I’m just proud of what I believe

Blessed Be