Whatever happened to bigone days?
When understanding was simplified
Innocence was real and naivety was law
Whatever happened to the little children?
Seeing yet blind
A blindness not ignorance
A lack of sight pure and blanketing
Like amniotic fluid
In the womb
The vows made in blissful young days
To never leave behind imagination
The promises of friendship and loyalty
Trust and truth weren't brought into question
Nor was self
Why does the mind harden?
Life is like itself...nothing can be life but life
Painful birth we come out of the shell
Like menstration innocence bleeds away
Blood is spilt in the name of knowlege
So stupid we become;
The only ones who have any form of wisdom
Are the little children and the insane
The former live in dreams
The later in nightmares
Trapped in the middle are the normality
The majority
Thinking becomes difficult
Trust and truth are gold in a sea of glass
Whatever happened to the bigone days?
Whatever happened to the little children?
Whatever happened to the simplicity?
Why must things always change for the worse?
Whatever happened to hope and faith
Why must those things change into saracasim and cynicism?
Why must we cry when we used to laugh?
Why must we grow up?
It's miserable...