Improvisation with Composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
By: ShinigamiForever

Mozart: Piano Concerto in A Major, K 488, Adagio

caught in beams
a small spot of red and orange in the window
not without some brilliance.
But yet, would you rather have glowed or lingered?
Both, eveidently, as the sun fades into
opaque window glass.

Of new born leaf green
swaying melodiously in the wind,

The name alone enough to conjure up
images of both the envious sea and spring sky.
Enough to evoke swirls and eddies
of molten pine scent and glorious amber.

The world that owns Mozart
from birth of talent drove him
beautifully, fantastically, insane.

The rhythm of a Turkish march,
the small cat step beat.
And yet, his symphonies!
Storms upon a pounded shore.
The Maine salt breeze branded on his music,
even if he never knew America.

Let the world keep Wolfgang,
the small child never grown old,
kept young on his elixir of music.

Let the world keep Mozart,
the young genius of bourbon and ladies
and the winelike beauty of his mind.

Let me keep Amadeus,
the fading spot of sunlight on the window across from me.
Let me hide away
the curve of sadness running through the piano,
the ivory keys longing for his touch,
the graying sea lightly sweeping with fingers on the shore.

Let me keep Amadeus.

For he was the listener's own.

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