The Weather In Europe Today

It seems to be
Mild, over Europe today:
Cloud cover in
Munich: slight fever-break
Among the whisps of Dublin…
The World to be
Close enough and soft
Enough and
Welcome enough to
Allow Weather
Forecasting. A shared event and relevant in the
Very least to Myself.
Tho' here the
Sky is gray and it is
Warm and a Dog
Barks Somewhere. Perhaps
They do the Same.
48* F. in London
only they tell me here
it is Spring and the
Lilacs are strewn about
The dew-point, uneven grass. When
Summer comes it will
Only be Dust green.
The cities of the
World are all responsive. Receptive, I mean:
Waiting but if for
Myself, than shall
I humor the Time when
Among them I
Find a stone-encased
Thermometer, and ancient Copper
Wind-vane alighting
The home of what may come to
Be Anyone affecting or knowing:
It is all the same, and there
I shall stand…
I am in Berlin, and the
Wind is coming in an
Oddly (tho' is it? Should I know)
Like---perhaps, off of