1 Forgotten Sheep

The pain was more then I thought

As tears rolled down my cheeks

I wanted to learn how

But they jus pushed me in the mud

I feel like I was being punched

As they told me what they meant

I thought they were my friends

But I found they just don’t understand

My tear stained cheeks show my giving in

And I wonder how I can get revenge

I can’t think of anything

I feel so weak

I wish I could do something with all this anger inside

I feel like I’m gonna blow

So they better watch out

I take a deep breath

I feel more strong and calm

I blow out slowly and know that I’ll be okay

I shake my head,

Confidence soon comes to mind

I’m glad they did this

Now I know I don’t want to hang with their kind

When I’m gone there will be no remembrance

I will be shunned out of their lives,

And I hope their lives turn into a shit load of crap

Later I turn on the tap

And put water on my eyes

I feel like I’ve been sacrificed

I know I’m the sheep, the forgotten

My Friends are like the pack of wolves

Together as a whole, eating what they can

Leaving out the lone one

Fighting with each other, every single day

Never exactly staying friends or enemy but always like a whole.

Insane as I felt now

I didn’t really care

I felt hurt and forgotten

But I tried to not feel so impaired

I took a knife and a picture

Of my so called friends

It went straight in the middle

To the leaders’ end.