A Wonderful Life

This is dedicated to my little bro—he's what inspired this, and I love him for it. *glomp hugs him* LOL ^_^

I was sitting here at my computer
reading a poem
I wrote not long ago,
thinking of how
it's been, remembering
all those good times I once had.
I wrote about you—
What did you expect?—
I've been practically in love with you
Ever since the day we met,
perhaps not even that long.

Then my little brother,
sweet as he is,
came in to tell me
something funny,
to how much pain
I have been facing.
I wish I could be like that,
like him—
I wish I didn't notice
how bad the world can be,
I wish I never had this hurt
living deep inside of me,
but I know that that won't change.

But in that moment,
the world just seemed to


Just for a moment,
all the pain in this world
stopped, and I
could finally feel
And I think, perhaps,
that the end is in sight...
God has smiled upon me;
what a wonderful life.

Author's Notes: This actually happened—my little brother walked in on my pity-party, completely unknowing in the midst of the situation, and suddenly everything seemed to stop. I swear that boy is magic. ^_^ And so cute, too! *laughs*
Anyway, so I had to write about it. So—this is what happened. Some rhyming amongst free verse here, in the last four lines of every verse, not including the lines before the "big stop". I thought I'd write an angsty poem with a bright, rainbow-drenched ending. *laughs* Well, a rainbow is what I thought of when I wrote and read the ending—I thought of calling it "Rainbow", but I wanted to save that for another poem sometime. ^_^ Anyway, thanks for reading—don't be too shy to comment! ~Mistress Jakira
Date of Composition: April 27, 2002 (approx. 11:45 a.m.)