4 Living in yesterday

5 I sit here and wait for tomorrow

Never in the present

Only drowning in sorrow

I need to just calm down

I just need to take a breath

I’m afraid of my nightmares

I’m wondering about death

I can’t comprehend my thoughts and what I feel

How can I tell anymore what is and isn’t real?

I can’t find anyone that would just understand

I can’t figure out this race they call, man

I’m living in a hollow world of pretend


When will this madness ever end?

The illusion is at it’s best and you’re the image

You grow with every breath

You grow wiser as you age

Do me a favor, and tell me why

Why this life of mine has all been a lie

I was told my sanity was mine to keep

You steal that away too as I scream and I weep

I am still here waiting for tomorrow

Now more full of hate and less of sorrow

But I’m still sitting here wondering about death

As I wait here alone and hold on to my last breath