A small tear formed at the corner of my eye. I quickly closed it as I rammed my finger ever further down my throat, inviting the food I had just eaten to resurface itself. As I began to feel it making it's way slowly back up, I gripped the sides of the toilet. The cool porcelain felt welcoming to my hot and sweaty palms. Even more tears emerged as I managed to choke up the remaining traces of dinner that were still hidden in the depths of my stomach. A sigh of relief escaped from my lips as I glanced downwards and saw the jumble of cheeseburger, fries, and everything else I had managed to inhale before I made my fateful trek upstairs to empty myself.
I slowly stood up, and flushed the toilet. I watched as all the "deadly" calories washed down the drain, and silently was thankful that I had spared myself from those bites that could have turned into pounds. I made my way to the sink, and rinsed off my hand. I quietly reached for my toothbrush, and proceeded to brush my teeth.
When I was done, I splashed cold water on my face and looked up into the mirror. I stepped back, stood side ways and lifted up my shirt. The sight I was greeted with brought even more tears to my eyes. I grabbed the ample love handles on both of my hips, and choked back a sob. I gently fumbled with the button of my pants while I silently cursed myself. When they and my shirt were both off, I looked down to see the number "8" stitched in solid blue thread in the waste band. "O God," I thought.
Standing in my bra and panties, I stepped onto the warm metal of the scale. Holding my breath, I looked down. 61 ½ kilograms. What the hell is that in Pounds? I asked my self.
TOO MUCH… is the answer my conscious provided. You are getting huge!! How do u go on living like a disgusting slob? It is a wonder that your boyfriend doesn't cheat on you. DISGUSTING. HORRIBLE. PITIFUL……………
A tear formed again, and a sob formed in my throat, but this time, I didn't hold it back.