Are we all that unique?
Are we really in reality individuals?
How can we be that different,
when we all have this hate boiling in our hearts?

How do they define different?
As someone else in this world,
of different characteristics,
actions, and cerebral emotions?

How different are we on the inside,
rather then the outside?
We're all pink inside aren't we?
We think all the same thoughts.....

We're absolute and constant almost static in our reactions,
Yet changing in a single flash of sunlight like a
We all have hate and contempt lurking somewhere in our
boiling up only in times of grief and sudden anger.

All this desecration,
and contempt..... Sudden conflagrations of hate,
boiling over and over in ones heart....
Can anyone change to be a lily instead of a rose of

Must everything visible be a constant static?
One millionth of reality in perceived through the senses,
including the sixth,
Yet we perceive reality with only that one millionth of a

Why must this world be static,
In every emotion..... every word,
Every sudden impulse..... instinct.....,
emotion must be thought out careful.....

Every thought must be thought out a thousand times,
to achieve perfect balance,
To insure self-betterment,
and human standards of constants.....