Chapter #1- First Encounter

"Yes, this year will be tougher than usual. But I know that you guys can do the end of the year you will all thank me," Mrs. Porter said.

The class groaned. Do teachers expect us to get excited? It's so sad to know that summer is so near, yet it is so far away and then they rub in that we will have to work hard! Here I was, sitting in class on the first day of school. Scanning the room, I recognized nobody except for Lana Mitchell from my freshman class. Other than Lana, faces that I recognized but could not match the names to surrounded me. I tried to pay attention to Mrs. Porter, but it was very hard. It seemed as if the first day of school is exactly the same, no matter what grade you are in. Apart from that, there was a petit boy staring at me. I acknowledged him from the eighth grade but that was two years ago. I couldn't even remember his name. Everyone had his or her own little groups back then.

He wasn't exactly bad looking. Tousled brown hair, high cheekbones and bright green eyes. He was wearing intense yellow shoes, which made me giggle. I turned away and then took a quick peek back at him. Sure enough, he was still looking at me.

Do I have something stuck in my teeth? I wondered.

As Mrs. Porter called out names, I found out that his name was Evan Stone. I turned around to see the continuous staring recurring. Feeling slightly uncomfortable I spun my head around and started to chat with the girl sitting beside me. No matter how hard I tried to get a conversation going with Rorie, I could still feel his eyes studying every move I made. I blushed and tried to ignore him. I felt lighter the moment I left homeroom.

As the days went on, I began to make friends and become acquainted with my classmates. Rorie Mathers, and I became quick friends while Lana and I got to know each other better. Phillip Harper came off as a nerdy teacher's pet but turned out to be a pretty cool guy.

And then there was Evan. I knew that from the moment I saw him that he in general, would be a cool person to know. There was just something about his personality that made everyone around him feel special. Including me. As I got to know him better, we would be able to talk about anything imaginable. Real conversations. Not just, "did you hear what Gina said to Mary," but conversations about common interests and what we planned to do after we finished high school. Needless to say, Evan and I were a perfect match. It didn't take a long time for me to fall in love with Evan happened in a matter of weeks. I fell in love with his radiance, his charm, his personality but most of all the way he was one of the only guys I had ever met who cared about others as much as he cared about himself. And his looks weren't too shabby either! As rumours went around school, the story was that Evan liked me. Now this would all be really perfect if I didn't already have a wonderful boyfriend.

Near the end of September, I was on my way to English when I made a stop at the bathroom. Kicey Monroe, a high status popularity queen and her brainless sidekick Lacey Peters were there to greet me.

"So, Clementine, you're going out with Jay?" Kicey always knew the entire social status of Blakewood High.

I, Clementine Warner, am going out with Jay Stevens. And I should be satisfied. Every girl at Blakewood High would kill to be in my position right now. With his broad shoulders, spiky dark hair and intense blue eyes, Jay fits the image of the perfect guy. Apart from leading the Blakewood Penguins into their 2nd football championship, Jay was also the first sophomore to make it as team captain. Add an awesome personality to all of that and you really do have the perfect guy.

I wiped my hands on my jeans. "Yes," I replied, " why?"

"Just wondering," Kicey gave me a smile, " I heard he's getting bored. That you-."

"That I what?" I asked. My face was flaming. She had gotten to me and she knew it.

"Nothing," Kicey smiled, and then turned around and Lacey followed her like the sheep she was. They were all clones. They walked, talked, dressed and acted exactly alike. I always tried to stay away from those types of people.

Everyone knows that Kicey is in love with Jay. And as well, everyone knows that Jay can't stand her. In a way, I think that Jay is a challenge for Kicey Monroe. She is so use to getting any guy she wants that it never crossed her mind that a guy would turn her down.

I hope that what Kicey was saying was not true. Can I be boring? Is Jay getting bored of me? Everyone at school knows that Jay is very wanted so I was surprised when he asked me out. Not that I'm so bad myself. I have been out with plenty of guys but I didn't think that Jay Stevens would ever be interested in me. Sometimes I think I'm too normal. I'm not a cheerleader, a jock and I am definitely not popular. I'm liked by many people, but I'm not popular.

Last year, Jay passed along the cheerleading squad like a basketball player passes a ball. Doesn't think about what, or shall I say who in this case he is passing. Jay has stuck with me for three months now.

The whole day I couldn't get over the fact that Jay thought that I was boring. I don't think that I was upset because Jay, as a person thought I was boring. I worried about myself as a person being boring. What if Evan thought that I was boring? I think that Kicey intended me to take her insults to the heart.

When the dismissal bell rang, I found Jay at my locker. My heart started to beat. Don't be boring, don't be boring Clem! Remembering what Kicey told me, I wrapped my arms around him and started to kiss him. I had never done this before in the hallways but I couldn't help it. A couple of people whistled at our public display of affection. When I pulled away, I could see that the look on Jay's face was anything but bored.

As I left the hallway of jealous girls and impressed guys, I noticed somebody hiding behind a locker. I didn't even have to see his face. I looked down and sure enough, there were the yellow shoes. Evan.

At home as I tried to study for my history exams, I didn't know why I was so upset. I do like Evan, but I have a perfectly wonderful boyfriend who cares about me. Do I want to give it all up? I don't even know if Evan likes me 100%. I soon began to realize what my gut was trying to tell me. I wanted to go out with Evan. I was in love with everything about him. I was regretting the fact that I was going out with Jay in the first place.