A/N...obviously this is not one of my "city poems" because it's not an acrostic, and that's the format I use for them. Lol, just wanted to let everyone know!


Here I am:
In Some Place in Some Time and
Knowing both Exactly. Yet…
I am trying to Remember
Where Belgrade is.

How much it matters is
The measure of you
And all. You matter as
Much as Belgrade. Or
Paris or Berlin and, to God,
They matter quite a

I am away, and
Could not tell you
The wind-chill factor in

(tho' last night I dreamed
I took a Russian-sculptor to
My tenth-year
High school reunion)

And I awoke,
Face pressed against my
Own breathing
Body, still agonizing
Over where Belgrade was.
Is, I mean, or was
Because I am unsure
About both Belgrade
And you.

And more, but there
Has been enough of That.
Perhaps if(when) I find
Belgrade, I shall find