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"Mik?" Travis came from behind and hugged me around the waist. He put his head on my shoulder and I leaned mine of his. My feelings I had for Travis? They were jealousy, I suspect, although I don't think I'll ever be sure of it.

Liz and I still dislike each other, but we ended up ignoring each other instead of her sending lackeys and me beating the crap out of her. Liz hadn't truly used Travis though, because he had admitted that he wanted to make me jealous. I ended up admitting to him that he did, which cleared a touch of confusion up. Liz . . .

Well, I never understood Liz.

"Yeah, Travis?" We stood watching the quiet street outside of my house and he started to speak again.

"If someone came back from your past, would you welcome it, or run?" I separated myself from Travis and looked curiously at him. I didn't know what he meant, but I had a nagging feeling in my mind, and I was almost scared of what he would say next.

"It depends who that person was, I guess." I said guardedly and Travis looked seriously back at me.

"Just answer me, okay? It's important." I nodded at his words I listened to him go on, with a small sense of suspicion at what he was leading to.

"What if that person had made a mistake and had left you, only to find that he was wrong?" I gasped and glared accusingly at Travis. I had never told him the details of what happened between Rain and me, even after all the time that had passed.

It was year after that fateful night and I still hadn't spoken a word to Rain. I suspected that he had deleted me from his IM list, threw away my phone number and ignored my phone messages. I had gotten from Rain's parents that he had moved with his dad in Calgary the night of the party. I don't know whether he had been meaning to tell me at Janice's, or my silence had caused it, but either way, it isn't going to change the past.

Until four months ago, I was a sad shell of myself. I only spoke in necessity, and I couldn't laugh.

I just couldn't.

I believe that anyone can be pushed to their limit, if their mind permits it, and I was.

It physically hurt to show my emotions and the only time I did was when I was alone. Even then, I only became angry or sad. My parents thought that it was something that they did, and I didn't enlighten them. The memory was too awake, too alive to talk about. All I can say is that I don't deserve my friends. They had awoken me from my sombre thoughts and allowed me to become whole again.

I don't ever think that I'll be what I was before the party, but I don't know whether I'd change what happened at all. I've grown and I've matured from the experience and I am what I am today. Who could truly say that they wished that they could change the past? Who truly does not hold on to all that they are? You just have to accept what is and move on, enjoy life and become you.

I'm not saying that you have to agree with my philosophy, or hate it, but to honestly think about the endless possibilities of it.

"Mik?" I looked from up from Travis's urging gaze to a familiar voice. It was one I hated, and the one I loved, all together in to one emotion that I couldn't describe even if I had all the time in the world.

"Rain?" I stood shocked at the appearance of him. He looked older, yes, and different, just as I did, but in his eyes he was the same boy, who ate disgusting pizzas and sang in the shower.

The same boy that I fell in love with.

I wasn't crying, I wasn't even thinking at all, I just ran to his shape in the vaguely orange-blue sunset and kissed him with all I was.

Life is an endless possibility . . .

All you have to do is live it.

Finished October 20, 2002

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