Messed up Nursery Rhymes and Poems.

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill

Went up the Hill

To fetch a pail of water

But Jill fell down

And broke her Crayon

And Jack was laughing at her.

Jill came up,

Her face in tears

And asked him to just

Shut up,

But little known

To her was shown

That Jack was really a jock

Who couldn’t tell

Even if it danced and

Bit him on the nose

That his brains were made of rock.

Jill, having

Skill in many forms

Of Torture,

Drew the dreaded

Rose thorn whip and cracked it rather loudly.

Jack stopped laughing

And backed away,

Only to fall in the well,

And because his brains were

Made of Rock

HE sunk like a

Bowling ball.

Jill was laughing helplessly,

Her sorrow now forgotten.

But a passing 747 hit her head

With a falling crate of bunnies.

The pilot,

With most humble apologies,

Gave a free Ice Cream Cone ( It was Rotten)

And told her was Mint Chocolate Chip.

The pilot left, laughing, while

Jill died of food poisoning.

SO now we all know

That the true story was told.

And the moral of the story is:

…….Oops. There isn’t one.


Jack and Jill’s

Mom and Pop

Found out

So there were lawsuits


None of this helped that much because everyone was poor.

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