The flames dance before her eyes. The oranges and reds and yellows and blues jump as she watches her worldly belongings feed the burning beast. She smiles at the destruction she has caused. Her gaze does not falter as the police escort her. Her family is trapped in there, sleeping an eternal slumber.

The cell she waits in is dark and smells of urine. She can hear the slow dripping of rain water somewhere to her right. She bounces up and down a bit on the bed. The wood creaks and splinters vault towards the ceiling that she can not see. The tiny bit of light there had been in an otherwise pitch black room has been put out by her. She likes the darkness. It lends to her imagination. It keeps her safe from them.

The court room is large and bright. Light floods from the ceiling and the windows. The polished hardwood floors reflect the light so well that she must shield her eyes from it. A little boy's ball bounces across the room. Why, she wonders, is a good little boy here? She walks up to the ball and slowly picks it up. She goes to return the ball to the boy, but he runs from her.

The trial starts, but she doesn't really pay attention. She knows what the verdict will be. She doesn't care anymore and resigns herself to remembering the beauty of the fire. The flames haunt her memory she giggles. The entire room stares at her, appalled.

Finally, the trial is over and she is lead outside by the police. They drag her to the back of the courtroom to the pole. She lends her hands to the young, handsome man who ties them with the white rope. He gently leads up the tiny step to the pole. He ties her to it.

The stones come next, only enough to bruise her body. She does not scream, she does not wince. She stands stoic, steadfast. When the crowd has had their fun, the women begin to bring the wood. They pile them high so that it may be quick for her. The little boy with the ball comes and lights the wood on fire.

She watches as the brilliant flames travel up her body and the crowd chants, "Witch, witch, witch!". Her eyes move upwards to the heavens as she prays to the Goddess.