Legs that grasp and hold and kill

I see right through your fanged ways

But never was my vision clear

I don’t see my

Eight legged pals

With words of encouragement


dripping from

their pincers

The truth I seek

(Must I be meek?)

For the truth I seek is not a cinch to find

nor in a cinch to be found

A noose more like

Do you have it in your multifaceted diamond of a gaze?

Where’s the coal when I need it

Sturdy and true and strong

Unlike you with your Fordian motions, your efficient meals

Your economy of life


Your web is but an appendage

It is not what holds me captive

And captivated

You need no entangling web to catch a willing victim

The eyes have it

The ayes

With legs that grasp and hold and kill it is

The refracted eyes of an arachnid that capture me

On sight

I can’t extract my arrested molested gaze

The truth I seek is muddled in the murky mirrors

I search and search

And do not find

And then I see

the lie

Sleeps not in you