Hi! It's me! This was actually a composition for my eng/grammar/creative writing and i'm gonna turn it into a series. Enjoy! And review!

Welcome to Magica

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lina and she was an average girl living in New York City in the USA. One day, she was walking home from school when she was pulled into a rift between two worlds. When she came out, she was in a bizarre world. It was immense wilderness and jungles. She met no living things at first. All Lina saw for miles in one direction was ocean and in the other direction were trees and mountains.

Lina was absolutely petrified. There were no humans, which meant no cities and possibly no way to even return to her normal life in New York. Just as night was setting in at this strange place, just as Lina finally felt secure enough to sleep, a lone howl pierced the night. Lina screamed before she could stop herself. She sat alone next to the fire she'd built, listening to her scream echo through the night. That's when she heard the howl coming closer. Just perfect. Lina thought, mentally kicking herself for screaming.

Lina had to bite back another scream when she saw a pair of amber colored eyes that reminded her of moons stare back at her from behind a bush. Lina looked for some sort of weapon even a stick might have given her time to run. But, right then, her knees were shaking so bad she wouldn't of even be able to stand, let alone walk. She sat quietly, when finally the creature stepped out. Lina gasped. It was a silver colored wolf. She hesitantly reached out her hand, hoping the only the thing the wolf would do is sniff her hand not bite it off. Lina sat completely still until the wolf sniffed her hand and lay near the fire. Lina offered some food to the wolf and tried to stay awake but barely kept her eyes open.

The next morning, the wolf accompanied her on her way in search of humans or another living thing besides her self and the wolf, which she now thought of as a pet and called him Fang.


This is just a prologue. Don't worry, the first chp. didn't even come yet. Review and tell me watcha's think!