Hi! Chapter 3 for Magica. The new boy in the fic is a real person commonly known as WarGreymon on fanfiction.net.

Humans Like Me

Lina had gotten used to the scenery of trees, trees, and more trees on her right side. Water, water, and water was on her left side in the distance. She had a few companions and earned their trust so they were considered to be friends. She had met an ice-colored (A/N Crystal color tinted with blue), warrior unicorn named Icestreak and his companion, Blue Eyes, who was an Artic fox with white fur and bright blue eyes. The pair were constant companions who came from the Far North where it was snow and ice constantly. Then there was her best friend, her beloved "pet" affectionately known as Fang, a silvery wolf who Lina had discovered had the ability to speak. The only downside to being with all these friends 24/7 was that not one of them was human. Lina hated this. Lina wasn't the type to shop all the time like some of her friends did but she loved talking to her friends. Now, being here for at least a few months, she had gotten lonely.

Lina sighed. "What's wrong, Lina?" Icestreak asked, a deep concern in his eyes. "Nothing really," Lina murmured. "Something's wrong. I can sense it." "I-I miss my friends..." Lina began to cry. "I miss my family, I miss everything about my home." Lina placed her hand on Icestreak's warm flank and buried her head in his mane. "I miss everything so much." Icestreak nodded, "I miss my family. They were killed by an evil sorcerer." "Oh, I feel bad for you." Lina cried, desperately wiping tears from her eyes. "Yes, my parents and my younger sister named Sunburst, she was a golden color, the color of a golden coin and her tail and mane were two shades darker." "She was golden. I can only imagine." "Breezy, too. She felt warm as if she was always standing in the sun and her mane and tail felt like a light summer breeze. I miss her. The death of my parents changed my color. I once was sky-blue, like my mother. Then, my color died out as the pain and sorrow of the loss of my family grew deeper. So the color of my coat is my own fault. Blue Eyes is a friend who helped me see things on the bright side. She was abandoned by her father. She learned to ease the pain by seeing the sunny things in life." "Sad..." Suddenly, their conversation was interrupted by a growl. Fang's ears were almost flat on his head and a growl was coming from deep in his throat. Blue Eyes looked just as alarmed, her white hair on end and her blue eyes flashed angrily. Icestreak whinnied a challenge and Lina backed up. "Wait! We come in peace." Fang sniffed the air, "Human. Dragon..." "That's a boy's voice I heard." Lina cried, her heart racing with joy.

"Uh, can I come out? You won't kill me or something? Cause I do have a friend who can kill you faster." "Calm down, geez, I wouldn't kill another human since I haven't seen one in months!" "Hey, I haven't seen a human in like years. Well, maybe a few months." "HI, I'm Lina. Who are you?" "The name's Rob. And this is my dragon, Ryu."(Means holy warrior dragon according to WarGreymon.) Ryu was a blue dragon about 18 feet tall with gold spikes trailing down his back and ending at the tail. The dragon nodded down at them. "This is another companion, Shen-Long." An orange tiger stood next to him. "These are my friends." Lina introduced her friends in turn. "Where are you from?" "Colarado. You?" "New York." "So, how'd you get here?" "A dimensional rift." "Me too. Wanna come with me? We were just heading to the ocean. We're seeing if we could find any humans there so now that I've met you, want to join me?" Rob asked, offering his hand. Lina smiled and shook it. "Welcome to our group." Lina said. "Thanks." Rob replied. This was the beginning of a new friendship.

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