City Poems: Belgrade

"But I know!" Ah yes, rediscovery is ultimately better,
overall. Tho' he may be of Slavic descent, it was
my own Teutonic prejudices…who can say? (who needs to…)
Building embassies in any City is risky (tho' we do)
interestingly enough, another Tyrant awaits Trial.
no denying the potency of Airstrikes,
Going deep into the subterranean mindset of not him…we

Beneath the Slavic exterior, the war-sparking lineage, instilling
existential sense: Whether Serb, Bosnian, Montenegrin to
learn the Croats, Albanians, and One man, Waiting.
God willing, humanity will Remember itself in times coming,
really it falls skyward, the still-mortar
appearance of Any City, because War is
decided there first, From Tito or Milosevic, I know this now. I do.
Everyone Benefits in the long run, but the Cities and the Bombers