City Poems: Zurich

"Ceaseless" Fitzgerald said to the Past. Ceaseless
only: the Past was Never mine to return to.
my past shall be when that History
is intended as "taught". Neutrality connotes no sense. Oh well, I
never was one for falling out of love. On borders, my
German cities shall attest to That. From Switzerland. Switzerland…

The Truth of the Matter is him and Germany. Watching…
oh yes, Germany is truth, here on the Gray-shaded border-Country.

"Z" is a difficult letter to work with, like Myself
unintentionally rifting between acceptable beliefs and mountainsides
Really: erring towards Anger (not in any Swiss Fashion)
is only him. He only shapes myself. He is German.
Counting on the miracles of fanaticism and Neutrality,
He amounts to Home. I watch from the next Country over