Waiting For Rilke

It comes into its own:
Like any honest number, any
Blind Man. Watching the
Minute (not minute) differences in the
Way of Departing and how
Despite Line-Breaks
Or any other Devices used,
Incursions into the remaining
Chaste Soul leave
I am not an Existentialist(!)?
How can you be both---politically
Inclined as I
Am. Oh well a few hours…
Days, for/at the Latest and
Some new facet of
The World will Open Itself.
If Germany
Or France
And Russia
Then all the prerequisite
Determinants of twentieth-and-before Century
Literary masters are present: the
Determinants of depression and revolutionary
Bourgeois Angst…or exhalation (which
That is, the Same)
Shall be lain out unlike
What went on for years in
The Soviet Bloc.
But if you ask for an
Explanation, you will receive
Part of One,
And the rest you
Can figure out on your
Own at least that
Is what may be Hoped for. It is not
Raining nor was it or
Snowing or Anything of that Nature,
But cold.
O! Differences.
So come to wait and
Eventually in unceremoniously heralded
Brown it shall Come
Upon itself. Like Life.
That is