I wish I could tell you
What my dreams hold

There was a time when you loved me
I wish I could go back
Turn back the clocks
And fix the mistake
Which drove us apart
But how do I share
Those pains so deeply locked
Even I haven't the key

Lucky I am
A dream came true
But what is that which is said
You can only wish on a star once

My mind is tired
My soul plagued with
Now each step I attempt
Crumbles beneath
Afraid of what lies ahead
But more afraid to turn back

Maybe if I believe hard enough
Spread my wings
I will soar above
And see the world as it ought to be

Bless me with the tears of heaven
So I will run, yet not grow tired
Will tell of my dreams, yet not falter

Dream on, peaceful dreamers
For you are the generation of love
And together
We will fly
Above the clouds
On the wings of angels
To take upon us the struggle for life
Ease the pain

I wish I could tell you
What my dreams hold

Magic of peace
Love for life