i want to cut but i can't
i don't know why
i'm rendered powerless
i feel life flowing back into me
i've been dead too long
i was afraid to live
i don't know if i want to live
being dead is easier
just need a razor to make the pain stop
liveing life involves too many risks
i'll admit i'm a hypocritical coward
damn it!
why do i keep haveing to hope?
why can i not stay cold in my grave
I used to be comfortably numb
Like in pink floyd
My hands can no longer make blood come
They tear down my wall
I want my wall...
Like I want the blood
Maybe if I cut i'll go back to being dead
I can only pray i can
I don't know how to be happy
Dead I'm miserable
Happy I fear for my saftey
Where are those bricks?
Where are the hammers?
I need to build a wall.
Pink was right. I need a wall.
I hate my heart
Can't I tear it out and freeze it in a meat locker
Cold and locked away it couoldn't hurt me anymore
i still hate but i feel like i used to
i can't take it
can't take the sunshine pouring into my
gothic cathedral of misery