A mischievous teen-ager meets a raven-haired
seductress on Halloween Night.

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Content Rated: R
Type: Static Item: Short Story
Genre(s): Holiday, Erotica, Horror/Scary

For some,Halloween is a time for puting on
costumes,going from house to house and getting sacks
filled with edible goodies.
For others,Halloween is a time for causing mischief by
throwing toilet-paper on someone's house and other
stuff like that.
One of those Halloween mischief-makers as Chad
Huffman,who would rather have all of his teeth pulled
out than go Trick-Or-Treating on Halloween Night.
However,what Chad had not known was that one
particular Halloween Night was also about to be known
as his last night on Earth.
On that night,Chad and his friends were supposed to
sneak into a local high-school and trash the place.
But,a ten o'clock curfew,along with a police car
patroling the neighborhoods and arresting curfew
violators had put a halt to that idea.
Normally,a very upset teenager would go home,stomp
right up to his room and be angry at the rest of the
world forever.
But instead,Chad had decided to do the job alone.
However,before he had a chance to get to the school,a
curious Chad had stopped and gazed upon a raven-haired
beauty placing wooden logs next to an old-fashioned
log cabin.
After she was done with the logs,the woman had turned
towards Chad and said,"Would you like to come in and
warm yourself by my fire?"
Chad's only answer to that question was a simple nod.
As soon as he was inside,the beauty had sneaked behind
Chad and towards the fireplace.
And while his back was turned,the woman had thrown
some sort of powder into the fireplace,causing it to
flash for a second,or two.
After a startled Chad had turned towards the
bewitching beauty,she had walked over to Chad,placed
her arms around him and said,"Tonight,you will soon
become a man.And once again,I'll be a woman."
Sometime later,after they've had removed all of their
clothes--and while they were rubbing their nude bodies
against each other,the woman was speaking out a chant
of ancient tongue.
Then suddenly,right before their love-making was about
to reach it's climax,the beauty had sprouted claws and
fangs--and began slashing and chomping away at a
helpless Chad,who had no choice,but to scream bloody
The next day,Chad was not at school and no one--not
even the school's principal had known whatever had
became of Chad.
However,inside an old-fashioned log cabin--maybe a few
feet from the high-school,was one doozey of an answer.