AN: It helps if you know the song Harvey the Wonder Hamster, by Weird Al. It might just make more sense.

The Real Story of Harvey the Wonder Hamster

Here's the story of the fur ball,
Okay, he does squeal, but he doesn't really bite.
It all started with a phone call,
On a dark and stormy night.

It was from a voodoo gerbil,
Who thought Harvey mad too much noise.
He said he was just way to verbal,
So he threatened Harvey's toys.

They exchanged some choice words,
And the gerbil cast a spell.
Harvey was mute as he ran through his turds,
In his mind, he damned the gerbil to hell.

But now he couldn't speak it,
His life was such a bore.
When he tried to speak, he merely spit,
So instead he hired a whore.

It kept him amused for some time,
And he also had other ways to deal.
After a while he didn't whine,
He too much fun on his hamster wheel.

Now he passes his time downloading from Napster.
He had finally given up on his old woe.
So that's the story of Harvey the Wonder Hamster,
Just thought you might like to know.