Painting the Rainbow

Her lavender gown
Flows to the floor,
Rustling up as she walks.

This small, lonely town
Has seen no more
Beauty than she as she talks.

Her silvery crown
Is one of lore;
Can stop this town's ev'ry clock.

And everyone looks.

Men driving home
From a long work day
Pause to look up at the sky.

Women at home
Watching children play
Look up and, briefly, they smile.

Children at home
Look up and they say
Nothing; simply cease to cry.

And everyone looks.

She steps her queenly gait
Into the dark stratosphere,
And suddenly it is light.

Dips into the sky's paint,
Seven shades so bright and clear
She grasps with all of her might.

The sky begins to taint
All colors, from blood to tears;
It is a beautiful sight.

And everyone looks.

Red, orange, yellow, green,
Blue, indigo, violet;
The colors of her masterpiece.

Like no one's ever seen,
The townspeople go silent,
So mesmerized they do not speak.

Design so very keen...
Color scheme so violent,
And yet so peaceful, small, and meek.

And everyone looks.

She is gone
Just as quickly as she had first come,
And yet still she stops and lingers.

And the dawn
Approaches as it had always done,
Morning-birds, such lovely singers.

Now the sun,
And with it all becomes forgotten
Of her lovely, painting fingers.

And everyone looks.

Author's Notes: This poem didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. =( Perhaps I'll try another on the subject sometime, but until then, let's worry about the contents of this one, shall we? (Even if it is sort
The idea at the end is that everyone watches the sunrise. Just to clarify that. As for other things...well, this poem wouldn't make quite as much since without the title, but since it's called "Painting the Rainbow" I suppose you can sort of guess what she's doing. *grin* So I think that's the only thing I need to explain for anyone who doesn't quite understand the workings of my twisted mind.
Schematics--each set of three three-line verses rhymes. The three first lines rhyme, the three second lines, and three third lines. Those rhyming lines also have the same number of syllables (I hope--I've only counted a billion times). The sets are separated each time by the line "And everyone looks" (obviously).
So where did this poem come from, anyway? Well, it just kind of sprung up in my head, but I once sketched a picture (then later recreated it in pastels for art class) in 8th grade of a woman (with a long lavender gown and a silver crown *hint hint*) painting the rainbow. She just sort of ran her hand along the sky and a rainbow was forming. *shrug* What can I say, I'm creative. *cough* Anyway, I had the image in my head for some reason and I wrote this poem about it. The stuff about the town I just sort of made up on the spot, didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped, like I explained.
I hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit (the idea was pretty good, you've got to admit!). Any thoughts or comments, just write a review! ^_^ I'm a review junkie and I appreciate any comment, advice, or word in from my readers. Don't be shy!! ^_^ Thanks for reading!! ~Mistress Jakira