{{ Unbounded by Time... }}

{{ As infinite as the stars... }}

{{ The Holy Council has gathered. }}

{{ Lilith of Miracles... }}

{{ You stand before us... }}

{{ What do you seek? }}

The beautiful Lilith of Miracles stood confidently before the semi-circle of powerful auras--the higher gods and goddesses that have retired their positions to the newer generations and have become the Final Judgment. So poised and graceful, no emotion betrayed her delicate face... Eyes of mystic blue grace... Long hair of silver draped around her body like a luscious waterfall quenching those who thirst... And skin, so fair and smooth, not a single blemish found.

A goddess, she was.

"The mortal realm," she spoke calmly, "is not where 'she' belongs." With a wave of her hand, a translucent image of the mortal world appeared before the council. There was an array of scenes of humans going about their daily business, but it finally focused on a girl. Her hair was the color of the skies, and her eyes were the deepest blue of the oceans... A beauty of her own kind.

{{ Aah, but dear Lilith... }}

{{ 'She' does not belong here either. }}

{{ 'She' is the result... }}

{{ ... of your foolishness. }}

Lilith remained calm, but if one looked closely, her jaw tightened just a bit. Again, she was being judged by her past. So many mistakes, she could not remember them all, yet the mistake they claim to be her most foolish was the very one she never regretted. She restrained herself from lashing out at them disrespectfully, for the Council still had final jurisdiction over the mortal realm.

{{ Neither mortal... }}

{{ Nor divine. }}

She gazed at the image of the girl once more.

Goddess Romance

created & written by K-chan

Episode One: A Goddess Among Mortals

She yawned, stretching her arms into the air at the warmth of the morning light against her face. She rubbed her eyes and focused on the beautiful sight of the rising sun peeking over the horizon for the start of a new day, and it was a special day too. She smiled and quickly climbed out of bed. She would've ran straight to the closet, but she noticed something on the table.

She picked up the note from beside the gift box with a bigger smile and read it aloud, 'Lilan, today is a special day that only comes once in the life of a young girl... No, a young woman, for you are now sixteen. I can only hope that your future will be as bright as your smiles. Happy 16th birthday. Love, papa. PS, A small gift for you.'

Lilan looked at the small box and sighed happily, "Oh papa... You didn't have to." Her fingers brushed over the surface of the box as the smile continued to grace her lips.

A man in his late thirties was in the kitchen, making breakfast, when he paused due to the footsteps rushing madly upstairs. He grinned, knowing well whose noisy footsteps they belong to. "PAPA!" Lilan cried. He turned around just in time to be glomped by his now sixteen-year-old daughter. "Thank you so much!! I love it!!" she said excitedly, pulling back from him. She touched the scarlet ribbon in her hair that held her small braid and smiled adorably.

He laughed at her enthusiasm over a simple object as a ribbon, but it wasn't an ordinary one because that small item brought back memories. His face fell into sadness, looking elsewhere to hide the emotion from his daughter, but she had seen a glimpse of it and quieted down. "Papa..."

"I'm fine. Don't worry," he insisted, turning back to her with a forced smile. "You know, that ribbon... it belonged to your mother. Seeing you wear it reminds me so much of her." He touched her face, "So beautiful, just like her..."

"Really?" she asked, her blue eyes widened proudly, "What was mama like?"

"Oh!" he turned his attention to breakfast, "You better hurry and eat your food before it gets cold. You're supposed to meet Odela and Liam at the square, right?"

Lilan pouted and jumped onto her father's back, pinching his cheeks painfully, "PAPA!! You changed the subject again!!"

"Aaaah!! But Lilan!! Your breakfast!!"


"I cooked such a good one today!!"


"See, the eggs are scrambled the way you like 'em!"


An hour later, after getting dressed for an outing and not being able to get her father to talk about her mother, she left the house, wearing a red, floral-printed dress. She took one glance back at the house before leaving with a heavy sigh. Her father was such a stubborn man sometimes, especially when the subject was of her mother. She just couldn't understand why he never talked about the woman. Was he hiding something about her? But still, she had a right to know about her, whether it was good or bad.

Father never said much about her birth either, only that her mother passed away after she was born, so she grew up without a mother in only her father's care. She had a rather normal childhood like all the other children, and the only difference between her and them was that everyone else had a mother, but she never let that bothered her because her father gave her twice the love of a single parent. Even so, she seemed to be well loved by everyone around her too.

Lilan ran down the street, greeting and waving to everyone she knew, and they returned the kind greeting to her. "You're happier than usual, Lilan-chan!" a woman noted.

"Unn, I'm officially sixteen today!" she chirped.

"Oh, so Lilan-chan's sixteen," another said, "No longer a girl, but a young woman."

"That's right!" she giggled.

"Be careful of those boys now," an elderly woman warned, "Don't let their sweet words get to you." Lilan laughed, acknowledging her advice, and then excused herself from their presence. She continued down the street until it intersected with the main road, which would lead her right to the town's square. And in a few minutes, she could see the water sprouting into the air in the distance and hurried to the great fountain.

"Odela-chan!!" she called out, waving her hand at the girl and boy waiting by the fountain, "Liam-chan!"

"About time!" the girl said in a huff. The young boy just stood there in awe as they watched Lilan run up to them. "Just because it's your birthday, you shouldn't have kept us waiting."

"I'm sorry, guys," she breathed heavily, "but you know how papa is..."

"Oh yes," Odela nodded, "Whenever you pester him with questions, he locks himself in the studio until you leave him alone." Lilan sweatdropped. "Anyway, are you ready?"

"Of course!"

"Umm..." came the quiet voice. The girls looked over to their male companion. "Li-Lilan..."

Lilan knelt down to the ten-year-old boy and smiled, patting his head, "What is it, Liam?" He blushed and held out a small bouquet of blue flowers, which surprised her. "Are these for me?" she asked sweetly. He nodded while Odela miffled a giggle. "Oh, thank you so much, Liam!" She accepted them and gave the boy a warm hug, that made him blush even redder. "Now, let's go on that picnic!" she said, holding his hand.

He nodded again, adding, "You're very pretty..." She giggled and thanked him.

"Oh c'mon, you two!" Odela rolled her eyes, and they headed for the entrance gates of the town. The girl leaned down to Liam and whispered, teasing him, "Smooth move, little brother. Going after older women, huh?" Liam promptly stepped on her foot. "Why you, little..."

Lilan suddenly stopped, causing the siblings to do the same. Odela opened her mouth to say something but instead followed Lilan's gaze to see a group of boys their age blocking their way. They were staring intently in Lilan's direction, which caused her take a step back. Odela noticed her best friend's uneasiness and stepped forward bravely, "What do you guys want? If you're looking for trouble, you shouldn't pick on us girls and a kid."

"No no," the leader spoke up, "We just wanted to see Lilan-chan. Heard it was her birthday and all." He smirked, "Hmm, you're really beautiful, Lilan."

Lilan sweatdropped and leaned over to her friend, "What's up with them? I look the same as yesterday." Odela nodded, and then they noticed the guys walking towards them. "Oh no, are they gonna do something to us?"

"HEY!! There she is!" came another voice. They found the speaker to be another boy in another direction, running towards Lilan and company. Some more guys joined the group already there, admiring Lilan. "We finally found you, Lilan! Hang out with us, and we'll show you our hideout!"

"Umm, maybe another--"

"WHAT?!" yelled the first boy, "Lilan's coming with us!"

"NO WAY! Why would someone as pretty as Lilan hang around you dorks?!"

"Mind yer own business!!" The two groups started yelling at each other, being tough, young men going for the same girl, but that only got Lilan and Odela confused. And a frowning Liam only tightened his hold on Lilan's hand. The girls silently agreed that this was the best time to sneak away from the scene, and that was what they did, leaving the town for their schedule picnic.

A dark figure, hidden by the shadows of the forest, weaved through the leafy branches like a nimble creature of the trees. Rustlings of the leaves echoed through the forest grounds, and soon silence overwhelmed it with the figure kneeling on the ground. "My lady," he said in a deep voice.

Another person appeared, sitting on a high branch. "Have you found her yet?" she asked.

"Not yet, but she's nearby," he relied, slowly lifting his head up to her. His menacing eyes flashed red, and he smirked, "I can feel it... Her aura, her holy aura."

"Aaaahh!" Lilan sighed, falling back onto the grassy knoll with outstretched arms. "That was just too weird!"

"You said it!" Odela agreed. "I mean, how different are you from the... oh, previous fifteen birthdays? Geeze, it's like you hit your sweet sixteen, and they start to notice you. But..."

Liam seemed to have read his sister's mind, "Of course, they didn't notice you when you turned sixteen! Lilan's special! Anyway, no guy would notice you even if you prance around in your underwear." Odela bopped his head for the comment and argued with him while Lilan just watched them nervously, thinking about what her friend just said. She had to agree that the boys of the town never took notice of her before, at least they were never that forward to her about it. It really didn't matter to her, but she had to shudder at the uncomfortable feeling.

"Don't worry, Lilan! I'll protect you from those guys!" Lilam announced, patting his chest.

Lilan giggled, "Thank you! You'll be my knight in shining armor!"

"Yeah right!" Odela rolled her eyes, "He can't even protect himself from our neighbor's cute, little daughter."

Liam blushed, "Don't listen to her, Lilan!"

"Haha, but that's so cute!"

"Okay okay! It's time to give Lilan her presents!" Odela said as she took out one flat box wrapped nicely in blue and another big one with a not-so-wonderful wrapping and gave the first one to Lilan. "This one's from me."

"Oh, you guys..." she said, filled with emotions, but she tore through the paper like it was tissue paper and found a hard-bound book inside. "Oh! It's so beautiful! Thank you, Odela!" She hugged the girl.

"I'm sure you filled at that last sketchbook I gave you, so..."

"Here's mine, here's mine!" Liam took the sketchbook from her hands and replaced with his gift. He waited eagerly as Lilan opened it and gasped at the colorful, butterfly kite.

"Wow!! I love it, Liam!" She looked at him, amazed, "And you made this all by yourself, ne?" He nodded. "You're so sweet!" She gave him a big hug. "Let's go fly it right now!" The two got up and went to set up the flight while Odela remained behind to watch them from afar. She smiled and shook her head, watching her little brother enjoying himself with his big crush.

She had to admit Lilan could be such a child sometimes, going through every day with a smile and not a care in the world, yet there were times that she could just sense something bothering her. But that girl usually didn't talk about her problems. Liam was right though, Lilan was special. Neither could really explain it, but she was certain the whole town would agree with the siblings that there was something wonderful about Lilan.

"Excuse me."

Odela was startled by the voice. She looked up and saw a cloaked female standing next to her, but the stranger's eyes were not even on her but Lilan and Liam... Or was it just Lilan? She found it rather odd for someone to be covered from head to toe in such a thick cloak. Despite the afternoon sun boring down upon them, the stranger had kept the it wrapped around her body as if she was stranded in a snow blizzard.

"I apologize if I surprised you," the woman said. Odela stood up, not to be rude, and noticed the green hair peeking out from the hood. "I'm a traveler new to this region. Could you tell me where the next town is?"

"Oh, of course!" Odela pointed the west, beyond where her friend and brother were playing, "It's just half a kilometer or so over there. We're just a small town, but everyone's very friendly."

"Thank you." The woman noticed the picnic spread out on the grass, "Just the three of you here?"

"Yes, it's my friend's birthday, so my brother and I brought her out here to celebrate it."

"I see... the sixteenth birthday is very important," she remarked enigmatically, which shocked Odela.

"Ho-how did you know?"

"They usually are, aren't they?" The stranger looked at Odela directly into her eyes, but then their attention turned to a scream from downhill. They realized the wind was carrying the kite away into the forest, and Lilan ran after it, leaving Liam behind holding onto the broken string.

Odela, having forgotten about the stranger, ran down to Liam, "What happened?"

"It broke off, so Lilan went to find it," he said quietly, scratching his head. "But I don't get it. I used the same string I always do, the one made from Meylian bugs that's unbreakable."

"Well, maybe this one was from a weak bug," she reasoned, even though she wasn't so sure herself knowing that the any products made from the Meylian bugs' silk were indestructible when it came to physically tearing it apart. It was rather odd, and that reminded her of the stranger she had spoken too. She glanced back at the hilltop and found no one there.

"I know it flew over here somewhere," Lilan said as she proceed farther into the forest. She looked up at the canopy of leaves, hoping that the vibrant colors of the kite would seep through the greenery. She then stopped, having thought she heard something rustling among the leaves from above. "Is that the kite?" she asked herself nervously. She looked around and realized the entrance into the forest was no where in sight.

"WHAT?!" she panicked, running towards the original direction she came from, "But I clearly came from there! I've only walked a few meters into here! What's going on?!" Frightened, she inched towards a tree and remained there as her eyes scanned the area that seemed like she was lost deep in the heart of the forest. "Odela... Liam... where are you?" she whispered.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!" she screamed after something brushed by her leg, and she ran blindly in one direction.

"What was that?!" Odela asked, standing not too far from the forest entrance with Liam.

"Th-that sounded like Lilan!"

"Coming from the forest!" she realized, staring at the dark tunnel of trees, "But where? She sounded so far away!"

"We have to save her!"

Liam charged ahead, but the strange, cloaked woman appeared from the darkness, blocking the boy's path. "It's too dangerous for you," she said.

"But our friend's in trouble!" he said.

"If you enter the forest, you'll be lost forever... in the illusion."

"Illusion?!" Odela narrowed her eyes at the woman, "It's you, isn't it?! You're after Lilan!! You tricked us, didn't you?!! Where is she?!!"

"You've mistaken. I'm only here to help." She turned away from them, "Just stay here. I will find your friend... Lilan."

She continued to run, not caring if her dress was torn from getting caught on the low branches, and brushed the trees aside to get away from whatever was pursuing her. Maybe it was just in her mind, but she couldn't deny the heavy atmosphere. She suddenly fell forward when her foot got caught in something. She quickly sat up, seeing that her foot was entangled in some vines, and began to pull them away. She was absorbed in her current situation that she didn't see a hand reach out for her, and a slight touch against her face caused her to gasp, tightening her hands around the vines in fright. Her large, blue eyes stared straight ahead when she felt some sort of presence behind her. She was too afraid to turn around and find it, so she remained very still.

And the next thing she knew, the vines in her hands began to move, wrapping around her ankles and wrists. She screamed, trying to break free, but the plants were too strong. Having caught her, the vines rose into the air, taking her along with it, and held her there like a display. She was still screaming until a hand cupped her mouth from behind, silencing her, and a deep voice burned against her ear, "If you want to live, then stop screaming." She trembled in fear and nodded, having no other choice. His hand lifted from her mouth and moved to her cheeks, caressing it gently.

"Such soft skin," he whispered. She then felt his tongue lick her neck, sending chills down her spin. "Unfortunately, I have to kill you."

She suddenly tense at those words her thoughts had lingered on when she was caught. She just didn't want to accept the possibility at first, but now that her kidnapper had announced it, her body just reacted naturally in response. But who in the world was this person? Why would he have to kill her? She never had a grudge with anyone! Her father either, so it couldn't be a family thing... unless her mother?!

"WHY?!!" she blurted out angrily. The vines suddenly released her, letting her fall foward unexpectedly, and retreated into the depths of the forest. She pushed herself up and caressed her aching wrists as she tried to search for her kidnapper. "Who are you?!" she stood up, yelling, "And why must I die?!"

Out of the blue, a hand lashed out and smacked her face, sending her across the forest grounds. Her face stung, but the physical pain couldn't compare to the one in her heart of not knowing why someone wanted her dead. But she waited patiently for an answer that she will have.

The man finally appeared, rising out of the ground before her. "Don't take it personally," he told her, "but I was ordered to kill you before things get out of hand."

"What? Before what gets out of hand?! What does it have to do with me?"

He thrusted his hand against her neck, pinning her against the tree, and slowly squeezed her neck until she began to choke. She struggled against him, but it was no use. She was losing fast from the suffocation. How cruel he was to slowly kill her, letting her die painfully. And how sad it was for her to end her life like this... to die on her sixteenth birthday. "Pa... pa..." she choked out. Her last word before...

Something flew at the kidnapper's hand and bit it, causing him to growl angrily as he pulled back from Lilan, "Aaargh, so close." Lilan collasped on the ground, gasping for air. A small rodent stood in front of her protectively, bearing its fangs at the man. "You've finally caught up too."

"Hmmf, the Dark Lords are quick to react," came the familiar voice. The cloaked woman stepped forward from the shadows to face the man. "Do they feel threatened by such a young girl?" She held her hand out to the creature, which leapt onto her hand and climbed up to her shoulder where it perched.

"Che, I just take orders! CHOU SEI KOU!" he shouted, commanding the vines from before to strike the enemy.

"TO JUN SHOU!" she chanted, and the earth rumbled, bursting into the air as shields to block the oncoming vines. The clash of the opposing animated spells created a cloud of smoke that engulfed the area into unclarity. He sent more vines into the targeted area on the intent of letting none escape, but when the smoke gradually cleared, only the walls of earth were thoroughly pierced by the vines.

"What the--?!"

"TO SOU SHOU!" The ground rumbled once more, but instead of the wall of earth, jagged mounds rose up into sharp spears around the man, striking his arms and legs, but he quickly leapt into the air and vanished from the death trap. He reappeared in a bloody heap not too far away.

The woman laid an unconscious Lilan on the ground and left the creature there to guard her while she walked over to the kidnapper. She stood over him with calm posure, but he glared up at her and sneered, "Kill me."

"I have no intent of killing you," she said, "I am merely a guardian. I only protect." She watched him climb to his feet and stumbled away from her. "Tell them... they have lost their first move, and the game... is only beginning." And with a grunt, he seeped into the earh, disappearing from all senses.

Lilan began to stir, "Uugh... I..." She opened her eyes and looked directly at the rodent and squealed in horror. She sat up quickly and realized it was such a small creature that it couldn't harm her. With a closer look, it was a cute mouse with fur of sky-blue.

"Are you all right?" the woman asked her.

"Huh?" She stood up before the woman and nodded, "You... saved me?" She looked around and found no signs of her kidnapper, "Who was he? He wanted to kill me!"

"I don't know who he was, but he was ordered by the Dark Lords to kill you."

"WHY?!! And who are YOU?! How do you know this?!" Lilan backed away from her savior.

"There's no need to fear me," she said, pulling her hood down to reveal a beautiful woman with a ponytail of green hair. "My name is Jaden. I am here to tell you of your destiny, Lilan."

"My destiny?"

"Yes. The destiny... of a goddess!"

"Oh, I hope Lilan's all right!" Odela paced back and forth in worriment while Liam sat on the ground with clenched fists plucking the grass from its roots. He stayed quiet, hoping that Lilan was safe, instead of ranting like a madperson, like his sister was doing. "If that lady is really behind this, I'll... I'll... I'll do something really bad to her!!"

"If you ever see her again," he sighed. Both stopped doing whatever they were doing when they heard footsteps. Liam jumped to his feet when he saw Lilan coming from the forest and ran to her. "LILAN!! ARE OKAY?!" he cried, falling into her embrace.

"Yeah, I'm fine... but really tired."

"That's great!" Odela exclaimed, "Err, I mean, not the tired part. But we're glad you're okay. Where's that lady?"

"Oh, Jaden?"

"Jaden? Is that her name?" Lilan nodded. "Where is she?" Odela continued asking, "Did she leave already? Oh well, it doesn't matter. Let's hurry home!" She walked ahead, leading the way, while Liam and Lilan fell behind her, but Lilan paused and glanced back at the forest, recalling what Jaden had told her...

'Your destiny lies in Azgard...'

"Azgard..." she whispered and turned her gaze upward to the blue skies. She brushed her hair from her face as it danced in the breeze, but her thoughts were on the future.

"C'mon, Lilan!" the siblings shouted to her.

"Coming!" she called back and hurried after them. 'But then I will have to leave this life... and papa behind...'


~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Uugh, I feel horrible... but I finally have the first episode up, thanks to Mii-chan for letting me borrow her lovely laptop to type this thing up! Geehehee. Lesse, this episode actually turned out different than what I originally had planned, but that's okay... I like this one better, and it pretty much gets to the point: Lilan's a goddess and she has to leave her town to find out the truth about herself, her mother, and her destiny...

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