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Far away in a distant galaxy in a distant future time, there lay a small, blue, white and green planet. Its surface was coated with oxygen and nitrogen gases, and surrounding the planet was a barrier of ozone, shielding it from the hostilities of outer space. When mankind first discovered it, they thought they had accidentally found their own planet, until they realized that it was two years worth of space travel away from Earth. Its similarities to Earth were hauntingly exact- a near-perfect replica. It revolved around a star which humans called Alpha at exactly the same distance as the Earth once revolved around the star known as the Sun. It was amply capable of supporting life, and it had already sported its pale skinned, large black eyed homo erectus living in packs, which appeared to be the sole mammal species of the planet. How or when it was formed, and why it developed so similarly to Earth, no one could make an exact inference. Thus, they called it "Planet Unknown," or as the name it was given later in the year it was discovered.



A Production of the Damned original feature....


With the human colonization of X fifty years later, there came not only humans, but human culture, human religion, and, unfortunately, human sicknesses. The primitive human-like pale-skinned creatures that populated the planet bore a stunning resemblance to primitive humans. Their wild long hair, coming in variations of green, blonde, black and pink, and their large black pupils which forced out the whites of their eyes from view in their sockets, a set of vampire-like teeth and their two nasal slits in the middle of their faces never failed to catch the attention of newly-arriving humans on the planet.

Nearly a thousand years later, the primitive life forms, or Xians as they were called, began to look like modern humans, except they still carried their hair colors and their odd black eyes. They became capable of fluent speech, and soon made English their global language (with some help from the humans of course). Thirty years later, they formed their own world-wide government over the Xians of X. Not soon after that, they accomplished complete sovereignty among themselves, without any interference from the humans.


Inspired by the works of Hideo Kojima, Gunpei Yokoi, and George Lucas....


A few decades later, on March 15, 1022 of the New Century, the humans left X, never to return, leaving the Xians to fend for themselves. The destiny of the Xians, however, would not lie entirely in their own hands....




The sun was shining through his bedroom window when his alarm clock on the night table beside his bed buzzed. He groaned and smashed his fist blindly onto the nightstand at the alarm clock. He missed, and his hand landed in the half-eaten sandwich beside it. "Oh cripes," he muttered, dragging himself to the edge of his bed as the alarm continued to blare. "Aw, shut up you stupid alarm," he grumbled, wiping his hand clean and slamming his hand onto the top of the flat digital clock, instantly silencing the alarm.

Wearily, he trudged out of bed and into the bathroom wearing only a pair of boxers. When he looked at himself in the mirror, a small calm monotone electronic voice said to him, "Good morning, Nondel Populas."

"Muhnin'" he grumbled.

"Would you like your eggs over easy as usual?" the voice asked him.


Nondel bared his fanged teeth as a thin robotic arm slid out of the wall beside the mirror and stuck it's blunt tip with tiny bristles on Nondel's teeth. Instantly, a white foam bubbled from the appendage and the arm began to vigorously brush against his teeth. When the arm stopped a minute later, it retracted and slid back into the wall. Nondel spit the foam out of his mouth into the sink, where a sudden flush of water from the tap automatically sent it down the drain.

"I have a joke for you," came the electronic voice again.

"Yeah?" Ventured Nondel as another robotic arm with a hairbrush attached to its end stroked his long green hair.

"What do you call a dead Earthling?"

"What?" he asked as the hairbrush arm finished putting the short hair on the top of his head in spikes, letting the rest of the long hair fall on his back to his shoulders.

"Pushing up the daisies."

Nondel groaned. "Remind me to fix your humor disk."

"Affirmative," replied the voice. "For what date?"

Nondel sighed. "Cancel command."

"Command cancelled," replied the voice. "Would you like me to tell you your statistics today?"

"Okay," Nondel said as a thin black shirt was slipped over his head by another pair of robotic arms, "What the hell."

"You are," the voice said with a lengthy pause, "seventeen Xian years, which is twenty-two Earth years, six feet, four point seven nine four inches, two hundred and twenty pounds. Your evening height will be six feet, three point seven eight two inches," it said as the pair of robotic arms disappeared back into the walls, which were quickly replaced with another pair, this time holding a pair of long black pants, visibly made of thicker material than the black shirt preceding it. "Would you care for regular coffee today, or double-caffinated?"

Nondel took the trousers from the arms and slipped them on. "Double shot," he said as the two arms slithered back to whence they came.

"Confirmed," replied the voice. "Shall I provide you the rest of your full uniform?"

"Just let me have the rest," Nondel replied. Instantly, another pair of robot arms popped down from the ceiling, holding a large orange vest with what seemed to be large pointy shoulder pads attached to it.

"Will that be all?" the voice asked.

"Just start the car," Nondel replied.

"Hover car started," the voice stated. "Your breakfast is ready."

Just as Nondel was about to exit the bathroom with the vest, he heard the voice call him. "Nondel," it said, "I have just received an instant message from General Rion. Shall I read it?"

Nondel leaned up against the doorframe. "Read it."

"Captain Nondel J. Populas," recited the voice, "We have a special duty for you today. Our recent skirmish with Andromeda Galaxy Two has turned ugly. An unknown transmission was intercepted from AG2 yesterday night, describing a vast increase of military production in their mainland. We need you and Simui Latoor, who will be your partner for this mission, to infiltrate AG2 and take reconnaissance photographs of their newest battlements-"

Nondel sighed. "End it there," he said, "Rion will go on forever. I'll just read it when I get to the base."

"Affirmative," replied the voice.


When Nondel walked into his small office, he was greeted with an unusual surprise. Standing by his desk was a tall, long pink-haired female Xian, holding a clipboard. "Oh, good morning, Nondel," she said as Nondel entered the room, dusting off her black sleeveless shirt.

"Morning, Simui," Nondel replied. "To what do I owe the occasion?"

Simui lightly blushed. "Well, Rion just told me to meet you here," she murmured with a weak smile.

Nondel walked to his desk and stood beside Simui, who adjusted her black miniskirt away from Nondel's view. "So, what for?"

"To give you this," she said, handing the clipboard to Nondel.

Nondel took the clipboard and looked over it. "Fly right ino the fire," he muttered. "Hope we don't get burned," he sighed, handing the clipboard back to Simui, "And we're supposed to leave now. I'll be in the flight decks," said Nondel, walking to the door. "Oh, and Simui," he said as he left, "you look nice today."

"Well, gee, thanks," Simui murmured, blushing violently and quickly staring at the floor as Nondel vanished.