Ripples from Raindrops: Joshua

A/N: Acrostic, as an offering for Newkirk's Heroes.

Suppose he and I knew each other well, and he
tells me his dreams and interwoven beliefs,
and suppose, also, that he still
remembers the touch of a starlit sky
tamed by his pale seamless hands. Suppose
in that cloudy gray scattered world
no one questions his reason for reasoning. And he can
gamble away the stars for a soul.

Well, both of us understand the concept that
in spite of all our wishing for a perfect musicbox world
there is only Pandora's box to open here.
He, unlike me, accepts reality.

Just a moment ago,he brushed by in an
overcrowded current of students that
suffocated us both in ruined eddies of movements.
He and I were snared motionless in opposite directions,
unthreading immense silences in a second.
An impulse made me move closer, only to discover a scent of apples.