The author's idea of the perfect fantasy

By:Andrew Troy Keller

Content Rated: PG-13
Type: Static Item: Poetry
Genre(s): Romance/Love, Sci-fi, Drama

I could hear the church choir singing
'Here Comes The Bride' at my wedding.
The sunlight hits the bride just right,
Creating such a beautiful sight.
And in my pocket,I have the perfect wedding ring.

The minister is nobody's fool.
He asks the right questions and we say,"I do."
And with a true sense of pride,
He had said,"You may now kiss the bride."
And the choir sings a song that's so cool.

Then,we would have standard rib roast,
Right before we would make a toast
To those who would do their part
To make our wedding sing with heart.
Indeed,an excellent toast.

And then,we would zoom
In a shuttlecraft to our honeymoon.
We would go to the planet Mearth--
A place that is identical to Earth.
It is a perfect place for a honeymoon.

After the sun sets and moon rises,
We would have a romantic night that is priceless.
It would be out of a romantic novel text,
For we would have a night of fantastic sex.
And it would last until the sun rises.

A perfect wedding day--all the way through.
And it would be even better,if it were true.