Truth is my one release

And the essence of my captivity.

It shall bring me down,

and also set me free.

To live a lie is to live in paradise with no conscience to question the crime.

But to love the world with no false reasoning is my mind's wishing delight.

To be alive with the sound of the beating heart and the comfort of hope

whispers to my soul sweet temptations

of all that could be if only I gave in to the sweet pleasure-pain.

But why kill that which keeps me moving on my fluid motion towards my foresworn eternal rest?

Strength has abandoned my veins, and my will shall not be set free.

And so I lie, on the floor, still lying to myself,

and pray the room stops spinning so I can make sense of all these thoughts-

One day I shall be set free,

But not lying in my world of captivity.