An Eclectic Snapshot of the European World

Austrian nationals: the burning
Reichstag first, once and
Again. The embalmed Dead,
Wrappings in Some Pale-Egyptian
Rediscovery. When:
Legionnaires, Muscovites, Teutonic
Anglo-Saxons preaching
Of traversing Some Great Waters. A
French King;
Neutrality wars of
Ottoman influence in Moorish
Painting, Arabic architecture
And dark-hued Spaniards, the languishing
Shade of Saladin
At the Gates to Vienna, the
Polish Corridor (failed Charges) and a September
In Danzig.
Resplendent Armies(!):
"dress the enlisted men in purple and gold facings, blue and green and adorned epaulets as the Officers! Lead their advances in flags and Glory!"
~ Le Cran ~
The treachery inherent facing
Crimean treaties, a long road
Facing corpulence, decadence, fevered
Youths racing towards
Mapped out points:
Waterloo. Alsace-Lorraine. Prussian
Kings---poets hidden in shaded-blue
Regions, contemplating the
Typhoid-ridden streets and the
Freezing curbsides,
The Atlantic stubbornly
Opportunistic flash of
Broad sails and metallic left-
Gun Smoke.
Dresden, the flowing/night
Reflected City the Landing Fields
Marred and poorly-drawn
Capitals (Four-square)
All the angles in planned Airlifts(strikes)
And the lingual inflection---the
Atop some
Taken Hill.

The Pilot
The General
Blue-eyed the Cities the encircling
~ Einkreisung ~

Of "World" and "War"…"Alliance" and the rising
East entombed
Founders hallowed seats of
Burning against the idiocy of
Low-Country Socialists, the
Sallow remembering Skin.

Sluicing across the Continental
Surface of reality only Viennese
Youths and Victorian
Conquests and Napoleonic
Uniforms and (yes)