Just a few things I’d like you to know…

Well, let’s start that over…gosh,

This is rather hard you know.

There’s something I want to tell you…

No, that sounds so stiff and foreboding…

Unlike what I want to say, which is not, but…

The words have slipped my mind right now,

But let me try it one more time.

As sweetly as I am able to

…I just want to tell you,

A few things I have known,

Inside my heart for sometime now,

And how those things have grown.

I get dreamy at the thought of you,

My heart likes to skip around,

When I see you speaking to me,

And there’s something else I’ve found.

My soul feels like it’s flying,

My whole body has sprouted wings,

For all the love and sweetness,

My heart dances and sings.

There’s a lot more I want to say,

But I think this will have to do,

For nothing else could sum up

What I’m feeling then “I love you.â€